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We help companies educate physicians
and improve patient outcomes.

Turn Your Sales Reps
Into Strong Influencers

With our marketing solutions, your sales reps engage and educate physicians.

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BlueNovius - Turn Your Sales And Medical Teams Into Strong Influencers
BlueNovius - Scientific Data That Sticks

Scientific Data
That Sticks

Turn your medical publications into animated videos that physicians will remember

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Case Studies

Find out how pharma brands around the world
are making their key scientific data memorable.

1376% increase in visitors for pharma brand website in 90 days

Find out how a pharma brand used PubExplainer in the launch of their new website.

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How one pharma brand made a 67% increase in call requests

This pharma brand chose medical explainer videos as a strategy and increased call requests by 67%.

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How we increased HCP reach by 180% using medical explainer videos in emails

By sending explainer videos to physicians, this pharma brand increased HCP reach by 180%.

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Some of the Companies that Trust Bluenovius
with their Digital Pharma Marketing

Our Digital
Pharma Marketing Solutions


90-second animated explainer videos that show your medical publication’s key scientific data

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Personalized educational posters for patients and physicians

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Explain medical guidelines to physicians with animated explainer videos.

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90-second animated medical explainer videos that educate patients about treatment, disease and outcomes.

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True Multichannel Pharma

Digital pharma marketing solutions for a true omnichannel experience.
Website, email marketing, medical congresses, face-to-face, e-detailing – we have your back.

Animated medical videos created
Pharma clients worldwide
increase in ROI for
pharma brands
Average increase
in call requests

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