A PubExplainer video makes your medical paper memorable to physicians. Have a look below.


Around 200 publications are published daily. Don’t expect physicians to focus on yours.

The traditional methods of getting in touch with physicians are no longer effective in the world of digital pharma marketing. Our video marketing solutions like PubExplainer helps you reach more physicians in less time. Furthermore, PubExplainer makes your key scientific data memorable and gives you a better return on investment.

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User Friendly Experiences For Your Physicians

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Respiratory – Asthma

Keep pulmonologists and GPs up to date on your clinical trials in the respiratory area. Our PubExplainers are easy-to-watch and understand. We have created PubExplainer medical videos for diseases such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, respiratory infection etc. Request a free expert session below.

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Oncology – Breast Cancer

Targeted therapies have gained huge importance in the treatment of chronic illnesses such as cancer. We have created hundreds of PubExplainer medical videos. Our PubExplainers are a go-to solution when it comes to inform your physicians about your latest clinical research.

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Oncology – Ovarian Cancer

We understand oncology publications and we are proud of it. Our medical team analyzed and created hundreds of PubExplainer videos for oncologists. Let us share some best practices with you. Book a free expert session below and learn more.

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HCP reach increased by 180% by using PubExplainer in emails

By sending explainer videos to physicians, our client increased HCP reach by 180%.

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How one pharma brand made a 67% increase in call requests

This pharma brand chose medical explainer videos as a strategy and increased call requests by 67%.

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