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We are a cutting-edge pharma marketing agency dedicated to providing customized video marketing solutions to pharma brands worldwide.

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BlueNovius is a leading global digital pharma marketing company focused on patient and physician education. We use a fast, engaging and practical type of content: explainer videos.

The potential of video as an educational tool is being caught on by several sectors, however, since 2020, pharma companies still haven’t explored its full potential. Blue Novius is here to provide a unique, engaging and timeless approach to medical data. Why report it on paper when you can show it in a video?

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The company’s scalability, reliability, and transparency make us a trusted partner. Our combined team efforts help our clients improve their scientific and commercial results.

Our digital solutions have helped pharma companies worldwide to move into or make the transition to the digital age. Since 2014 we’ve helped over 150 pharma brands worldwide to develop and launch educational content.