How the Evolution of Digital Opinion Leaders Might Affect Your Pharma Business

How the Evolution of Digital Opinion Leaders might affect your pharma business

The traditional role of a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is evermore overlapping with that of a Digital Opinion Leader (DOL). Thanks to the effects of the growing digitalization of every sector worldwide, it’s only natural that a couple of changes in communication took place. But what exactly does it mean for pharma companies? What will […]

4 Changes In Customers’ Buyer Journey 


With the increasing launch of new drugs each year, pharma companies must make their customers’ experience as seamless as possible. And that starts with being there at every stage of the customer’s buyer journey.   Each year over 50 drugs reach the market. Intensifying, in that way, competition in the field. This trend has forced companies […]

How to Engage Successfully with your Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare professionals became digital natives… Now what? Digital interactions between Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and pharma reps were, in some ways, already taking place. But with Covid-19 a total disruption occurred and physicians transformed into digital natives.  Not only did the pandemic oblige to distance and end face-to-face meetings, but also HCP’s expectations have shifted. Especially […]