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Increase Pharma Brand Awareness with Medical Explainer Videos


It is known that pharmaceutical companies invest a significant portion of their budget in new drug development to improve patients’ quality of life. Nonetheless, without an effective marketing strategy, these new drugs are most likely not to reach the intended target audience.  Thus, leading to poor sales and lost revenue. Your focus should then lie […]

Building Physician Trust in Pharma Through Valuable Medical Video Content


As the healthcare industry evolves, pharmaceutical companies look for new ways to adapt and build physician trust effectively.  Establishing trust with physicians is critical to gaining access to patients, but also to ensuring the success of your products and/or services. One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to use valuable medical […]

Video in Medical Education: How to do it right


There’s no denying that video is a very powerful tool for communicating brands, ideas, and feelings. It’s the number 1 prevalent type of content in online channels. Many have pointed out video as a powerful tool for education in many areas, including medical education. Here’s where many professionals in the area scratch their heads and […]

Pharma companies on LinkedIn: How to take advantage of this social network

Pharma companies on LinkedIn: How to take advantage of this social network

There’s no escaping the fact that many pharma companies will have to move towards digital platforms. The options from which to choose are varied, yet there is one “golden goose” still to be explored by most. We are talking (of course) about LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network with a group […]

Time to Take the Lead: Technology VS. Life Sciences 

Time to take the lead: Technology VS. Life Sciences 

Digitalization in the Life Sciences industry has been shy in its growth. Technology companies, however, have been fast in exploiting the potential of digital platforms. So, now is the time for Life Sciences to take the lead and pave the way for collaboration.  Facilitating the collection of data, digital platforms offer Life Sciences the opportunity […]

Urgency: The New Normal in Pharma Communication

Urgency: The New Normal in Pharma Communication 

Meet the New Normal in Pharma Communication 3 Major Shifts that Pharma Marketers and Sales Reps Must Know The industries felt the effects of Covid-19 and the limitations of face-to-face interactions. However, the pharmaceutical communication approach has been one of the slowest to go with the tide. But the pandemic has brought a sense of […]

Practical Tips to Improve your Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

While multichannel has been thrown around a lot as an expression in pharma marketing, very few companies have come to fully utilize their capabilities across different channels. Limited to constraints such as time and staff, pharma companies often focus on a single channel, while leaving others up to a chance, or not covered at all. […]

The Top Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

pharmaceutical marketing strategies

For pharmaceutical marketing companies, the end of the year is getting closer, which means taking a look at what worked this year and making plans and improvements for the upcoming year. In our research and experience, we’ve singled out some pharmaceutical marketing trends that are going to be big in the year to come. Here’s […]

Pharma Digital Marketing as a Driver of Change

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing as a Driver of Change in Pharma

The new era of pharmaceutical digital marketing is coming, and the weakest link in pharma marketing is getting an upgrade – pharma sales reps. However, is pharmaceutical digital marketing really the new sales rep or can the two coexist peacefully? Let’s find out what the newest advancements in digital mean for the declining sales representative […]

5 Reasons Why Digital Patient Engagement is Healthcare’s Future

Digital Patient Engagement

Among the top ways to establish great communication with patients in the modern era of pharma, there is digital patient engagement. No longer a distant dream, digital patient engagement is a reality for payers and providers who aim to create better experiences. Dive on in to discover the top 5 reasons why digital patient engagement […]