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Top PSP Initiatives in Pharma


Patient Support Programs (PSPs) are vital to fighting the imminent impact of post-COVID declining patient adherence. These are initiatives that have put to the test pharma companies’ digital thinking into action. The ultimate aim is to turn customers’ experience into a seamless journey of support and continuing communication.  We have gathered a list of the […]

Healthcare Cybersecurity: How to Manage Online Threats


The new normal in pharma and healthcare came with equally new challenges and threats. Cybersecurity grew as a priority for more than one business sector. Healthcare cybersecurity arose as a prominent concern. Bioeconomy started to constitute one of the main technologies that need tight protection from cybercrime. The question to ask is how can pharma […]

Can Clinical Trials Be Rebuilt Based on Patients’ Needs?


Technology is taking over as a leading actor in pharma. This is making “customer-centric” the new word of order for the industry’s digital revolution. In their turn, clinical trials are not immune to the looming changes.  Patients, as highly digitalized, empowered consumers are redefining pharma’s paradigm and pushing forward new questions. Can pharma companies rebuild […]

Digital Skills Gap Threatens Pharma’s Digital Transformation


The digital transformation in pharma is here to stay. But not without some stones in its path. All across the spectrum of healthcare, there are reports of staff shortages and a digital skills gap. This digital could pose a potential delay for many companies in pharma to evolve in this field.  Without a doubt, many […]

Cybersecurity in Europe: An Overview

Cybersecurity in Europe: An Overview

Cyberattacks are a serious threat to pharma companies’ reputations. And most importantly to patients’ ultimate well-being and safety. It is important to understand the current state of cybersecurity in Europe. As well as what we can do as we move forward into the future.  The COVID-19 pandemic brought changes to pharma companies, shifting work dynamics. […]

Closed-Loop Marketing 2.0: The Digital Disruption Enhancement

Closed-Loop Marketing 2.0: The Digital Disruption Enhancement

The closed-loop marketing approach uses data-driven actionable insights. On the whole, it’s done by capturing (on an ongoing basis) the healthcare professionals (HCP) and stakeholders’ feedback, behaviours, and preferences and updating the information in real-time.  It allows enhancing personalization by looking at the audience’s reaction. And with that, readjusting the communications if needed. All with […]

5 Tips to Optimize Omnichannel Marketing’s Potential

5 Tips to Optimize Omnichannel Marketing’s Potential

Omnichannel marketing is the new trend in an industry that is embracing the digital shift. Because people are now on most online and offline platforms, it is important to know where and when to target them. The adoption of an Omnichannel marketing strategy can be overwhelming. For the amount of data generated and the different […]

The Challenges of Virtual Interactions: A Guide To Humanity

The Challenges of Virtual Interactions: A Guide To Humanity

COVID has brought long-lasting changes to society. As well as to the pharmaceutical industry. Virtual interactions had to take over face-to-face engagements. This brings up challenges but also new opportunities to the field.  Only in 2020, virtual meetings make up 65% of interactions between sales reps and HCP (Accenture). Despite the clear benefits, these still […]

Geomarketing: Pharma’s Hidden Secret?

Geomarketing pharma secret

Part of knowing who your customers are is knowing their geographical location. As Pharma marketers gravitate towards a customer-centric approach, it is valuable considering “location”. And use it to identify and define an inclusive marketing strategy.  Geomarketing is a successful business process. It is widely used in the retail and restaurant industries. And has proven […]

Mastering Market Segmentation in Pharma

Mastering Market Segmentation

Mastering market segmentation in pharma Best practices to increase reach and engagement In essence pharma marketing targets several kinds of audiences within its market range, including patients, healthcare professionals (HCP), and other decision-makers. So, segmentation is mandatory to better serve both ends. Following specific criteria to aggregate data pointers, pharma marketers can sort the prospects […]