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How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

How to Increase Website Conversions

Increasing Website Conversion Rate by Optimizing the Forms to Get Leads With qualified lead generation in sight, the use of forms throughout a company’s and healthcare providers’ websites must be a consideration. These can be the gateways that, if correctly optimized, enhance the customer experience. While increasing the website conversion rate.  Forms enable relevant data […]

B2B VS. B2C Marketing: The Differences

B2B VS. B2C Marketing: The Differences

B2B and B2C marketing were once 100% different. Yet, now the lines between them are more blurred than ever. Companies have been combining strategies and practices. In fact, it’s a way to get the most effectiveness and success out of their communication efforts. But, for interactions to happen, it’s vital to recognize the differences between […]

Don’t Miss the Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends

Don’t Miss the Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends in 2022

We are heading towards a shifting era in communication with content’s digitalization. It’s only natural that pharma brands wouldn’t be immune to this new wave. Of course, some digital marketing trends will be transversal to many sectors. While some will be specific to a few of them. Here are our top 5 predictions when it […]

Boosting Lead Generation in Healthcare Marketing

Boosting Lead Generation in Healthcare Marketing

Boosting Lead Generation in Healthcare Marketing Optimizing the Strategy for Higher Conversion Rate Times have changed with the digital disruption acceleration caused by the pandemic. It shaped new realities in the healthcare ecosystem and created new needs. There are higher expectations from a well-informed kind of patient.  The options are vast within a competitive landscape. […]

What is Machine Learning and How Can it Benefit Pharma Reps?

What is Machine Learning and how can it benefit pharma reps?

In a way, machine learning is a consequence of the evolution of AI. The latter element is growing in more than one direction. More than one business area is taking advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence. Yet what kind of impact can this have on pharma? Let’s have a look at the possibilities. What […]

The 7 Main Benefits of Telehealth

The 7 main benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth came into the picture of healthcare as a great alternative for HCP to keep up with the health matters of their patients. Due to the pandemic, new challenges arose for the maintenance of several factors which gave rise to this option as a great alternative. Many factors were at play with the pandemic. There […]