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What is Machine Learning and How Can it Benefit Pharma Reps?

What is Machine Learning and how can it benefit pharma reps?

In a way, machine learning is a consequence of the evolution of AI. The latter element is growing in more than one direction. More than one business area is taking advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence. Yet what kind of impact can this have on pharma? Let’s have a look at the possibilities. What […]

AI and Machine Learning: The Challenges They Pose for Pharma

AI and machine learning The challenges they pose for pharma

It’s no novelty that many pharma companies have been integrating technology elements into their workforce. AI and machine learning are no strangers to the many solutions in this spectrum. Without a doubt this increased efficiency to more than one front in the pharmaceutical industry. Yet, what can the challenges pose for pharma in the long […]

Know Your Audience Through AI

Know your audience through AI

AI, also known as artificial intelligence, simulates human intelligence on machines. Perse, these are programmed to think like humans. As a result, it has been growingly used in the pharmaceutical industry by marketing teams that strive to improve their response to the customer’s needs with tailored, knowledgeable experiences.  Continue to read this article to learn […]

The Blue Ocean Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Blue Ocean strategy in the pharmaceutical industry

The Blue Ocean strategy is a familiar concept for those who work in marketing. This is a term created to reflect upon new market opportunities within a sector. In pharma, the opportunities are expanding with each passing day. There are a variety of fields that this industry is yet to explore.  Today we’re taking a […]

How will the Internet of Things Influence Pharma?

How will the Internet of Things influence Pharma?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that encapsulates any device able to connect to a network and communicate with other devices. Through this connection, the gadgets send and receive data. IoT is, then, a trend on the rise that displays several benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.  What’s the catch of the Internet of […]

The 7 Main Benefits of Telehealth

The 7 main benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth came into the picture of healthcare as a great alternative for HCP to keep up with the health matters of their patients. Due to the pandemic, new challenges arose for the maintenance of several factors which gave rise to this option as a great alternative. Many factors were at play with the pandemic. There […]

2022 Pharma Tech Trends: What’s New?

2022 Pharma Tech Trends: What’s New?

2022 Pharma Tech Trends: Technology that is shaping the Pharma industry’s growth The pharmaceutical industry was traditionally slow in technology adoption. Nevertheless, it is now undergoing rapid change due to the development of several valuable technologies.  Throughout the past years, there has been massive growth within the Pharma industry that will continue into this year […]