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Pharma 2030: Find Out More About the Main Predictions


Though the future is uncertain, one thing we know about the present stats of the pharma market, it has begun a revolution that will last for the next years. What are the main predictions for pharma in 2030? Let’s find out. The pandemic influenced the sector regarding crisis prevention and adaptation to a new reality. […]

Don’t Miss the Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends

Don’t Miss the Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends in 2022

We are heading towards a shifting era in communication with content’s digitalization. It’s only natural that pharma brands wouldn’t be immune to this new wave. Of course, some digital marketing trends will be transversal to many sectors. While some will be specific to a few of them. Here are our top 5 predictions when it […]

Know Your Audience Through AI

Know your audience through AI

AI, also known as artificial intelligence, simulates human intelligence on machines. Perse, these are programmed to think like humans. As a result, it has been growingly used in the pharmaceutical industry by marketing teams that strive to improve their response to the customer’s needs with tailored, knowledgeable experiences.  Continue to read this article to learn […]

How will the Internet of Things Influence Pharma?

How will the Internet of Things influence Pharma?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that encapsulates any device able to connect to a network and communicate with other devices. Through this connection, the gadgets send and receive data. IoT is, then, a trend on the rise that displays several benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.  What’s the catch of the Internet of […]