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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for a Successful Strategy in Pharma


​​In Pharma, the need for knowledge comes from all ends. To meet, for instance, healthcare professionals’ needs, it is vital to share your medical data and information in the right format. For that, emails are still playing a determining role in the industry, being a source of credibility and authority.

To guarantee that you stand out from the competition, we bring you the top 5 email marketing tips to help you build a successful strategy!

Email Marketing in Pharma

Digital and remote interactions have evolved and advanced in the past years. Consequently, the communication flow and online offers have increased dramatically. The digital native HCP now prefers receiving information, rather than having to go through a vast sea of resources. So, the content provided must be valuable, interactions meaningful, and the format, bite-sized. 

By having an agile, customer-centric marketing strategy, you’ll distance yourself from the competition. Thus, ensuring that the right message is shared through the right channel, at the right time of the journey. 

With email marketing, pharma businesses can:

  • Increase brand awareness and authority;
  • Improve customer engagement;
  • Lower customer acquisition costs; and 
  • Benefit ROI.

Target Audiences in Pharma

According to McKinsey’s Archetype, there are 4 major types of HCP interacting in Pharma. And these are: 

  • Independent: don’t value communication that much, and prefer evidence-based resources;
  • Transactional: are patient-centric and focused on cost;
  • Knowledge seekers: interested in educational materials;
  • Relationship seekers: the social type that cherishes valuable interactions with pharma reps.

The Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

1. Choose the right structure

Start your email with a great subject line. Do keep it short and engaging, so curiosity is generated. In this part of the email, you must emphasize urgency. Alternatively, you can ask a question or single out one of your target audience’s pain points.

In the body of your email, communicate effectively, never forgetting to keep a conversational, engaging tone.

To give it an extra oomph, venture into adding interactive features that can help you strengthen your message’s power. Then, one valuable consideration is using a video or images to make your email more appealing.

2. Share great content at the right time

Your content must relate to HCPs. And, most importantly, you should deliver it as a seamless experience.

To maximize your message’s impact, take into consideration the stage in which the physician is on the customer journey. It is all about sharing valuable knowledge that will meet the audience’s needs. For example, adding a video to the body of your email will boost engagement exponentially.

Explainer videos are particularly advantageous in the pharmaceutical industry given that these transform your medical information into bite-sized, time-saving content.

3. Tailor the message

Use the data you have on your target audience. Segment it correctly and use a content management system. And, most importantly, have options for each of the segments and of the stages in their journeys with you.

By doing this, you will build trust, as well as authority. Furthermore, you will develop a partnership that’s nurtured from both ends, as the consumer craves that guidance.

Did you know that emails with the word video on the subject are opened 7% more, than emails without  (Social Media Week)?! Need snackable educational video content to share? Start today with PubExplainer!

4. Don’t forget the call-to-action (CTA)

After having successfully engaged your audience through accurate, engaging content, it is time for HCPs to know what to do next…

Add a unique CTA according to the next logical step in the customer’s decision-making process. And remember not to confuse them by adding multiple CTAs and links. Keep it simple and assure that they continue that journey with you.

5. Track and monitor campaign performance

To be successful, you must keep an eye on your customer’s behaviors and preferences. Thus, it is important that you keep track of:

  • Video plays/ views;
  • The click-to-open rate (CTOR);
  • The click-through rate (CTR);
  • The open rate (OR); and
  • The conversion rate (CR).

This knowledge allows you to improve what is not working so well while enhancing what is working best. Future engagements will become even more tailored and fit to size with the segments and journeys.

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The Takeaway

One of the most important elements is segmentation. You must segment and take into consideration each step of the journey. This way you build trust among HCP, becoming relevant and a go-to source.

Each interaction must be meaningful and delivered at the right time through the right channel in the preferred format. Place the customer at the center of all action, communicate effectively and add value through video content. 

By keeping track of your campaigns’ performance and by understanding the audience behaviors and preferences, your pharma company will thrive with a low-cost-effective video email marketing strategy!

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