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5 Simple Ways to Make a Good Pharma Marketing Email Great

Emails provide a nonintrusive, yet personalized way of reaching your physicians in an engaging manner and they also provide the opportunity for pharma marketers to nurture deeper one-to-one relationships with their audience. Truly, pharma marketing emails can be more effective than any other marketing tool out there, but only if you know how to compose them to capture attention.

Despite the rise of social media and other digital channels of communication, emails remain one of the main tools for creating a successful pharma marketing campaign. Physicians and patients still rely on emails as both means of communication and an important information source.

That’s why I wrote this post to show you how you can turn your pharma marketing emails into a powerful tool in your pharma marketing campaign. Just follow these simple steps to make your email a true masterpiece.

Pretend you are talking to a single person

Even though your emails are intended to reach a substantial number of people, it’s always best to write them as if you are talking to one and only one person directly. Even better, when writing an email, pretend like you’re in the middle of a face-to-face meeting with a physician.

This way you will make physicians feel like they are talking directly to another human being, which will encourage them to open or even reply to your email. This will lead to much higher open and click-through rates than the ones you would get if your recipients felt like they are just one in a long line of people reading your emails.

Use the right tone

Connecting with your physicians will in many ways depend on the tone you are using to convey your message. And the tone will subsequently depend on the message you are trying to convey.

Pharma marketers who use an informal, conversational tone can add a fun note to their email that will set them apart from the competition and ensure success. But if you want to create a more formal brand image, you may want to use a tone that’s a little bit more serious and formalize your message.

Optimize for mobile

Did you know that 68% of emails are read on mobile devices? That’s why you should make your emails easily readable on small screens before you press that send button. Remember, every paragraph bigger than 3 -4 sentences can be too much for a mobile reader to absorb. So make sure to break the email body into small, easily readable chunks of text. That should do the trick.

Use bold, italics, and bulleted text

Using italics, bold and bulleted text will capture the audience’s attention as soon as they open it, and even before people start reading your email. It’s crucial to highlight the most important elements in your email that will make physicians realize what are the main points of your email as soon as they look at it.

Timing is everything

Timing is not crucial for writing better emails but it is crucial for making sure that they are well received, opened, and read.

The best times for sending pharma marketing emails are before work (between 6 AM and 10 AM) and after work (from 7 PM to 10 PM). At other times, the physicians you are trying to reach are way too busy either working or sleeping.

And there you go! These are the tips and tricks to follow if you want to boost the opening and click-through rates of your pharma marketing emails. They may appear as a group of minor changes to your pharma marketing campaign, but they have made wonders for my email marketing efforts. And I’m sure they will do the same for you.

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