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Working with global, regional & local teams


Guide your physicians throughout your product life cycle

Physicians are tasked with seeing more patients in less time, managing government regulations and there is a paperwork overload. Save them time and make your data memorable.

How hyper growth marketing teams use our video solutions

Email Engagement

Approved Email

Use approved email to reach more and engage with physicians. PubExplainer goes hand in hand with approved email.
KOL management

Rep Engagement

Make it easy for reps to tell their story within 90 seconds. Book a demo below to see some best practices.

Websites and portals

Use PubExplainer on your website or physician portals. Get metrics to make informed decisions.

Amazing analytics at your fingertips

From brand messaging to insights. How do physicians interact with your brand?

Get meaningful insights like watch time, demography, etc. Build conversation starters that drive your brand forward.

Pubexplainer for Marketing Teams


For Global, Regional & Local teams

One consistent brand message across the organisation.


PubExplainer on medical conferences

Use PubExplainer as a conversation starter.

Create follow up loops for reps and MSLs. Use it on TV screens, iPads or together with the KOL.



State of pharma marketing

Using this report you will discover the elements of the “new normal”. Discover interesting facts such as:

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State of Pharma Marketing

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