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5 Ways Digital has Reshaped Pharma Marketing

The healthcare sector might be slow to adapt to the digital marketing revolution. But these days pharmaceutical marketing companies are making some big steps towards digitization and are quickly developing a series of innovative digital pharma marketing strategies.

But what is a digital pharma marketing strategy?

Digital pharma marketing is the marketing of pharmaceutical products or services by using digital technologies. These days, for instance, digital pharma marketing companies are providing customer service portals, live video reps and e-sampling.

This new digital transformation is bringing both challenges and opportunities for pharma marketers.  If you are finding it difficult to adapt to the big changes in healthcare marketing, don’t worry.

Here’s a blog to guide you through the digital transformation in pharma. It will help you find your way through pharma marketing trends of tomorrow.

The digital world is a visual world

People prefer to watch visual info rather than text. That’s why every modern pharma marketing campaign is based on visual info, and video is the best way to visualize your message.

Everybody loves videos. Physicians, patients, search engines, social media, and every other pillar of digital marketing. That’s why video has become a must-have element of every pharma digital marketing strategy.

Digital channels replaced regular forms of advertising

A recent study showed that pharmaceutical marketers are increasing their budgets for digital advertising. Pharmaceutical digital marketing and social media marketing budgets are getting larger as well.

These new pharma digital marketing trends represent the industry’s response to the changing world. A world where 72% of internet consumers are searching for medical information online and where 47% of them are searching for info about HCPs, hospitals, and other facilities online.

Pharma is also increasingly turning to digital advertising. And it’s relocating its efforts, personnel, and money to digital advertising channels.

Digitally savvy physicians

Physicians are spending most of their day on computers, tablets, and phones. They no longer limit themselves to medical journals and printed publications. Today’s tech-savvy physicians are using Google to find clinical textbooks or medical journals.

That’s why digital pharma marketers are marketing to Google just as much as they do to physicians. Optimizing your pharma brand’s website is of vital importance for reaching modern HCPs.

Since physicians are turning to Google for medical information, pharma marketers are doing all they can to ensure that HCPs bump into their websites when browsing the net. Getting doctors to visit your website is often half the work. The other half is getting them interested in your product.

The digital age has also transformed the way pharma teams are communicating. With the variety of team chats available these days, it’s easy to boost team productivity and improve the way your team communicates and collaborates.

Well-informed  consumers

There was a time when patients were limited to recommendations provided by doctors. These days people are likely to do their homework before they even enter the doctor’s office.

Today’s patients see healthcare as a collaboration between themselves and physicians. Patients are now consulting Google on issues that influence their health-related choices.

People are primarily Googling for specific diseases or medical conditions, but they are also searching for info about various treatments and procedures. Also, they base their choice of HCPs on the info they find on the internet.

Changing target audience

Nowadays healthcare marketers increasingly target consumers and payers with their campaigns. A doctor’s decision-making is in many ways affected by a patient’s health literacy and a well-informed patient always has a saying in the decision-making process.

Pharma marketing companies are using everything inbound has to offer, from email marketing and social media channels to video marketing and video campaigns. As the healthcare sector is evolving, so is the relationship between physicians and sales reps. And a multi-channel approach is more likely to make an impact on a pharma brand’s target audience.

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