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4 Digital Pharma Marketing Mistakes to avoid at all Costs

You’ve decided that your pharma brand needs to step into the world of digital. Great news! However, digital pharma marketing comes with its own set of unique challenges. If you’re used to traditional marketing and you’re about to make the transition, you could make a few errors along the way.

Here are the most common digital pharma marketing mistakes that pharma brands make, as well as the way to fix them.

Digital Pharma Marketing Mistakes

1. Not knowing your audience

One of the major benefits of digital marketing is the ability to measure everything. There’s no need to shoot blanks with digital pharma marketing – you can get up close and personal with your target audience. However, you need to know exactly who your target audience is.

Before beginning any marketing activities, do thorough research first. Find out where your physicians spend time and the type of content they engage with. Find out the keywords they search on Google and structure your content around them. Adapt your design, and copy an overall message to exactly those physicians you want to target.

Once you launch your digital pharma marketing campaign, you may be thrilled with the results. People are visiting the website, clicking on your calls to action, and subscribing to your newsletter. However, not all traffic is good traffic. Ignore vanity metrics and ensure that you know your target audience first, before creating a marketing campaign. You could be getting tons of traffic, but none from the right kind of visitors.

2. Hiring a pharma marketing agency (without doing research)

If you lack the skills and experience to do proper digital pharma marketing, it’s only natural to leave the work to professionals. However, you should only do it after properly reviewing their track record and knowing they can deliver what they promise.

Far too many pharma agencies are focused on getting the job done, without understanding all aspects of pharma marketing. On the other hand, hiring a generalist marketing agency will do more harm than good, especially because they may be unfamiliar with the legal side of the industry. They won’t know the specifics of the pharma marketing landscape and they will lack the basic skills to get the job done.

3. Providing too much information to physicians

Physicians have very little time. One of the most prominent techniques that sales reps use is presenting reprints of medical publications. However, no HCP has 20 minutes of free time to read through any of that.

In order to really captivate the physicians’ attention, lay out only the most important information. Three to five key points are enough to make a case when presenting. Instead of putting together a presentation with slides, we suggest using video. With the use of medical explainer videos, you can present key information to physicians in an engaging and attractive format. Best of all – our explainer videos are only 90 seconds long.

4. Poor pharma website

Physicians love it when they are able to find info about your products on their own. What’s more, they also love pointing patients to your website too. This is excellent news – provide that your pharma website is on point. If not, it’s high time to give it some tender love and care.

If HCPs are leaving your website before they even get to the most important sections, there’s only one culprit. Your website loading speed is absolutely crucial in making people stay on your pharma website. According to research, almost half of Internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. If it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, they simply leave. There are lots of free tools online that can check your pharma website’s loading speed.

On top of this, it is of vital importance to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. As physicians are constantly on the go, it’s a must to have a mobile optimized website. This shouldn’t take too much time or resources, and it will improve the visitor experience drastically. Besides, mobile optimized websites are proven to rank higher in Google as well.

We hope that you haven’t made any of these digital pharma marketing mistakes. If you have, no worries – a good digital pharma marketing agency can make it right. Reach out to us today so we can represent your pharma brand the way it deserves.

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