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Pharma companies on LinkedIn: How to take advantage of this social network

Pharma companies on LinkedIn: How to take advantage of this social network

There’s no escaping the fact that many pharma companies will have to move towards digital platforms. The options from which to choose are varied, yet there is one “golden goose” still to be explored by most. We are talking (of course) about LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network with a group of 800 million people in over 200 countries worldwide. It’s a distinct type of platform as it has potential for business due to its huge number of users in the field. 

In regards to pharmaceutical companies, many of them have a profile, yet the executives have a huge strong presence on this social network platform. This is a chance for business networking that is still not properly explored by many companies in 2022.

How can pharma companies start to set their presence on LinkedIn? We’ll tell you five main steps that will help you succeed.

Pharma companies on LinkedIn: How to take advantage of this social network

First things first: have your LinkedIn profile updated

Remember that many users on LinkedIn spend more time looking at personal profiles than anything else. More than a mere “virtual resume”, your LinkedIn page today can be regarded as a reflection of your professional image online.

In a job interview, it takes the interviewer only 15 seconds to make some key decisions about a candidate. On LinkedIn, there’s a similar logic when someone is having a look at your profile. 

Make sure to:

  • Have a professional headshot;
  • Edit your professional headline to correspond to what you do;
  • Update all your academic and professional info; and
  • Customize your LinkedIn address. 

Remember: your profile will be your business card that will dictate a good first impression on the people who visit your site.

Secondly: Make sure your company has a page

A pharmaceutical company needs a company page as a basis to establish its presence on LinkedIn. Many organizations still either don’t have a page or create it and then “abandon” it. How are you expecting people on this platform to find out more about your company if there’s not a solid page to provide them with the main information?

Make sure your LinkedIn page links to your website. Through there create the main call to action in accordance with what you intend people to do to contact your company. Like your personal profile, make sure that your company’s page is as updated as possible, especially in a visual sense.

Your employees will be the face of your company

Yes, we’re still tackling the matter of personal profiles’ power on LinkedIn. Your employees should be listed on your company page. This will make it easier for visitors to know your team and connect with them as well. 

It’s also advised that a company’s employees should share a company’s status updates in their profiles. That way novelties will be known to contacts and potential for networking will arise. The fact that LinkedIn’s organic reach is at a healthy rate, invites one to take full advantage of its potential. 

LinkedIn has lots of pharma groups: it’s only a matter of looking them up

The networking factor on LinkedIn can be very engaging in more ways than one. Here you can find lots of groups within the Pharma and Healthcare industry that share relevant information related to the sector.

Before joining a group, consider your main goals:

  • Are you joining a group to get in touch with novelties within the pharma and healthcare industries?
  • Are you looking for potential leads through the action of networking in these communities?

Take a careful pick, but go for closed groups. These are more likely to have better quality control which means they will be more reliable in terms of credibility. 

Share content: your audience will thank you for it!

The best part? You can do this either through your profile or through the company page. Within this platform, it’s very important to remain visible to your contacts. As well as to establish yourself and your company as an authority in your area. 

However, don’t take this communication channel to only speak of themes about yourself, your company, your products, or news. That type of content will get old pretty fast, so the secret here is to draw attention through content with added value. Share content that educates your audience on themes related to your company and take this advantage to build a trusting connection with them. That way, they will find out about your products and services in a more natural way.

One type of content that will help to educate your audiences in a faster and more engaging way is video. The use of explainers in many marketing strategies has skyrocketed in helping consumers engage with brands online. And this is no exception on LinkedIn. 

According to a study by Wyzowl, 96% of the people inquired have watched an explainer video to have a better understanding of or learning about a product or service. Often, 84% of people say that watching online videos of certain brands managed to persuade them into buying a product or service. 

In other words, you can use video content to both educate and promote a certain product or service on LinkedIn. All you need to do is create a style of video to create engagement for your potential customers within this platform.

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