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How Physician Videos Influence Clinical Decisions

With pharma companies making a move towards digital, there’s one format that stands out for its ease of use and versatility – physician videos. Companies that want to educate physicians, empower patients a.

Here are a few ways that medical videos like PubExplainer can make a change and influence physician decisions.

Physician videos have multiple uses

According to studies, there are lots of uses for video in modern physicians’ offices. One of them includes clinical trial results. But there are other ways. By explaining how a product treats pulmonary hypertension, for example, you’ll explain the product, the specifics of a disease, as well as how the two are tied together.

Additionally, there are educational videos whose main purpose is just that – to be educational. Such is the example of our MedExplainer solution. With these videos, you can explain the diagnosis, disease, and treatment to patients, without promoting a specific product.

Although not directly promotional in nature, these types of videos benefit physicians greatly, as they can share them with patients, in waiting rooms, their offices, on tablets, and on phones.

Alternatively, there are case-based educational videos, where physicians can learn the best practices.

Finally, an increasingly popular format is guideline videos. Guidelines are procedures, from simple checks to complex recommendations for medical processes, that establish methods for physicians to do their job. Unfortunately, physicians aren’t known for following clinical practice guidelines, for a variety of reasons.

Guideline physician videos are an excellent way for physicians to get introduced to best practices and clinical guidelines. They’re easy to share and can be displayed on a variety of devices and they’re also cost effective. What’s more, they can be easily subtitled or translated with a voiceover, increasing their reach across countries and continents.

Physician videos influence decisions directly

Compared to traditional marketing methods in pharma, videos actually have a significant impact on physicians. According to PR Newswire, 49% of physicians who watch professional videos online state that they influence their clinical decisions.

Excellent news, except that pharma companies aren’t using this opportunity. The same research states that only 52% of physicians claim that any pharma company is doing a good job providing quality video content for physicians.

As they can be informed about the latest scientific publications through physician videos, they can find out how a product helps improve patient outcomes and makes their job easier.

They can be used on mobile

Today’s HCPs are digital – and if pharma companies aren’t catching up with their digital marketing efforts, they’re missing out on valuable opportunities. According to research, 86% of physicians use their phones to look up digital resources on pharma websites.

On the other hand, 41% of HCPs state that the reason why they don’t visit pharma websites more often is that finding relevant information takes too long.

By putting physician videos on your homepage and landing pages, you give actionable data in video format. Physicians can immediately find out relevant information without searching through countless pages of content.

According to research, current pharma marketing trends are taking up large sums of money but not showing any increased efficiency. For example, pharma companies spend heavily on banner ads, email campaigns and printed promotions, with drugs that barely move the needle when they launch. According to their opinion, the reason for this is that the education these media give is not deep enough to make a difference in how a physician manages their practice.

Physician videos help HCPs immensely in their practice

By creating physician videos that explain a how a product benefits patients, you can help them in their practice, to make better decisions and act more quickly. But also you save them time!

In today’s competitive market, companies that launch a new product have to compete in a market crowded with generics and branded products. With physician videos that explain the research, the process and the benefits that patients gain from choosing a product, HCPs will have an easier time choosing your product over the generic and branded competitors.

Want to create your own medical physician videos?

The medical video format is compelling, engaging and makes a significant impact on physicians’ clinical decisions. However, creating these videos is far from an easy task, and even those companies with strong digital teams are struggling with video creation.

This is where PubExplainer comes in. PubExplainer is a medical explainer video solution that converts your scientific publication into an engaging 90-second explainer video. Do you want to find out how it works and what it can do for your pharma company? Reach out to us today, we’d love to talk with you.

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