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How to Win With Closed Loop Marketing in Pharma

What is the best way to reach HCPs? Digital channels or sales rep visits? These days chances are 50:50 with digital contact expecting to surpass face-to-face conversations in a near future.

So it should come as no surprise that there is an intense interest from pharma marketers who are looking for different ways to exploit digital forms of interactions.

As more and more pharma marketers dive into digital, there’s a growing number of digital tools that are created with pharma brands in mind.

From mobile apps to customer relations management tools that allow for a more comprehensive view of sales channels, pharma marketers now have an abundance of digital tools they can use to reach and educate patients and physicians. And achieve better outcomes.

closed loop marketingWith all those digital tools at their hands it seems like reaching patients and physician is now easier than ever.

But it isn’t that easy, isn’t it?

If you are a pharma marketer who is prolific in using the digital marketing tools you know that it takes more than the latest digital tools to achieve your marketing goals.

Why is that so?

Because just like in every other type of marketing there is not a simple solution that will skyrocket your ROI. You have to complete a full circle to achieve your goals. And that’s what’s called closed-loop marketing.

But what is closed-loop marketing?

Closed loop marketing is a comprehensive A to Z strategy that isn’t limited to simply delivering a message to HCPs. It’s a strategy that goes both ways. And also captures the HCPs’ feedback to find out what type of content resonates with physicians. Then the feedback is used to improve new marketing materials and strategies which closes the loop.

feedback - closed loop marketing

Why is closed loop marketing so effective?

Studies have shown that most physicians feel that they already spend a lot of time communicating with pharma representatives.

And they are not happy about the fact that now, apart from the usual sales rep visits, they have to spend time on digital communication channels as well. But if the digital materials represent an added value to the physicians’ practice they won’t mind spending that extra time on communication with pharma.

So how can pharma deliver valuable content to physicians?

Only personalized tailor-made content is likely to cause a reaction from your HCPs. That’s why today more than ever data plays an important role in marketing. Also today more than ever sales reps have to focus on HCP’s needs.

Recent survey showed that physicians need educational materials for their patients more than anything else.

But if you dive deep into the feedback you get it will show you what types of materials physicians want. Is it a pamphlet, a brochure, a medical poster or a medical video they can show to their patient? If you are investing in all these materials but only a few of them works, then you are wasting your money.

Gathered feedback and personalization will help you save the money by investing in materials physician’s desire most. And by using the feedback to further customize your materials you will make your pharma brand irreplaceable. And turn your sales reps into physician’s trusted advisers.

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