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State of Marketing: Figures and Strategies

State of Marketing: Figures and Strategies

A Look at the State of Marketing

How is Marketing doing?… Looking back to plan ahead!

One thing marketers need to do when allocating the new year’s budget and defining the marketing strategy is take a look at recent results! What worked in 2021 and what didn’t?… And what does that mean for 2022?…

Which were the primary approaches, the channels of preference, the media types of choice, and so on. Having this data in mind, tell us how to proceed in 2022. 

Looking back to the predictions for 2021, the main focus went on authority, trust, and relationship building. Better nurturing of prospects and customers to optimize the experience and not only do the sale.

Let us see what the figures tell us and where marketers should head to succeed in 2022!

State of Marketing in 2021: What to remember?…

According to HubSpot’s report, last year was all about the growth of brand authenticity. It was also about experience optimization. How? Using personalized and conversational marketing as an approach.

For the most part, the customer’s needs and expectations are at centre stage. So, just making the sale lost strength when it comes to primary reasons to run a marketing campaign. Being one of the top 3 goals, brand awareness levelled up as a priority for marketers and businesses.

2021 Marketers’ Top Priorities

With an increased budget of 63%, marketing teams allocated it to a paid advertisement, content creation, and software. This last topic stands out. Overall, now marketing is the biggest business area that uses automation, surpassing sales by 76% and finance by 139%!

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2021 Marketing Budget Distribution

One of the biggest changes was the investment in content marketing. This element increased by 70% from 2020 to 2021. The truth is marketers are investing more than ever. 82% of them are actively using it in their company’s marketing strategy.

Measurement in the State of Marketing: Content Marketing Success

When it comes to media type, video is the supreme leader in content marketing! The video was the primary media type created in 2021, followed by blogs that are used by more than half of the marketing teams. 

Engagement increased exponentially when we talk about email marketing. 77% of the marketers stated that it increased throughout the last year. This has per base, authentic, transparent, and tailored messages. So, marketers sent fewer emails and gave priority to segmentation, personalization, and automation.

Top Keepers for 2022

Video resources in content marketing are the top #1 keeper. More marketers adore video content as a media type that has an impact and benefits long-term brand affinity.

So, it’s advised that as a marketer you experiment with the video content in email marketing campaigns. It’s added value resource that resonates with the audience’s preferences.

Benchmark and analyze the data retrieved from your campaign’s engagement. You can tailor a fit-to-size message. Remember that regardless of the business industry, video can educate, empower and benefit Return On Investment (ROI). 

Did you know that 82% of marketers used content marketing in their 2021’s strategy with video as the number #1 content-type choice (HubSpot)?… Add snackable 90 seconds PubExplainer videos to your campaigns today!