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The European Pharma Events to Attend in 2022

The European Pharma Events to Attend in 2022

Virtual and in-person events go hand in hand to help the Pharma industry move forward. HCP and other professionals in the field find them to be unique learning experiences of great value.  Additionally, as events open up the door for continuing education and evolvement is felt in the industry. 

So, we have gathered for you a list of the top European Pharma Events to attend in 2022.

See the main European Pharma Events to Attend in 2022

Physical Events 

1 – Logi Pharma 2022 (Nice, France)

Logi Pharma is a Supply Chain event held for audiences from all over Europe and the world. It will take place in Nice’s Acropolis Convention centre from the 5th to the 7th of April. It aims at putting attendees in touch with European leaders in the industry. On the whole, it will be giving unique networking opportunities that will only enrich one’s career. 

For the most part, the activities will include:

  • Panel discussions;
  • Keynote interviews with professionals in the field; and
  • Masterclasses. 

2 – 32nd Annual European Pharma Congress (Barcelona, Spain)

Held in Barcelona, the European Pharma Congress will happen on the 25th and 26th of April. The event will gather participants from around the world with the intent to deliver relevant case studies and content. 

Some of the event’s highlights will be:

  • The participation of over 70 relevant professionals in the field, as well as academics;
  • B2B meetings;
  • Keynote-speaker presentations;
  • Exhibitions; and 
  • Poster presentations.

3 – Wired Health (London, UK)

Wired Health is returning in 2022 as a physical event, held once again in London on the 26th of May. For the most part, the main goal is to bring forth disruption and innovation in the field. In addition, the event will count on the presence of relevant entrepreneurs, HCP, and health technologists. 

In fact, some of the event’s past speakers include:

  • BioNTech CEO and Co-founder, Ugur Sahin;
  • Geneticist George Church; and
  • Surgeon Shafi Ahmed. 

4 – Pharma Congress Production & Technology (Düsseldorf, Germany)

After two years of being virtual, the Pharma Congress Production & Technology will come back in person on the 31st of May and the 1st of June. 

Also, it will count over 50 presentations from GMB inspectors and renowned pharmaceutical companies. There will also be planned conferences on case studies carried out by:

  • Novartis;
  • Bayer;
  • Roche;
  • Takeda; and 
  • Boehringer Ingelheim.

5 – Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit 2022  (Frankfurt, Germany)

Global Pharma & Drug Delivery Summit will happen from the 22nd to the 24th of August. This year’s theme will be, “Together with Pharma Masterminds: Opportunities, Technology, and Challenges”. 

All in all, you can count with:

  • Networking sessions with peers;
  • Luncheons;
  • Conferences;
  • Exhibitions; and 
  • Discussions. 

6 – CPHI Worldwide 2022 (Frankfurt, Germany)

CPHI Worldwide 2022 is being held in Frankfurt, Germany between the 1st and 3rd of November. Additionally, it will gather pharmaceutical professionals from all over the world with the aim to promote growth and evolution in the industry. 

In fact, this year’s event will count with: 

  • Executives presence;
  • Conferences and keynote speakers;
  • Exhibitions; and 
  • Networking opportunities. 

Virtual & Hybrid Events

1 – Pharma & Patient Europe 2022 

With a date still to be determined, the Pharma & Patient Europe conference this year will count with the big names in the industry. Representatives from companies like Pfizer, Alexion, and Roche. 

Moreover, under the hashtag #REpharmaPatient, the event will promote:

  • Panel discussions on patient education;
  • Classes on how to personalize approach and service; and
  • Reflection on lessons learned from COVID.

2 – Pharmapack Europe (Paris, France)

Pharmapack Europe is a hybrid event held both in Paris and online. The physical event will take place between the 18th and 19th of May. Also, it will count on over 300 exhibitors that will cover topics from packing to drug delivery. There will also be scheduled meetings and live conferences. 

Furthermore, online, people can expect online meetings and the opportunity to prepare for the physical event within a week in advance (9-27th May)

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