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5 Tips to Optimize Omnichannel Marketing’s Potential

5 Tips to Optimize Omnichannel Marketing’s Potential

Omnichannel marketing is the new trend in an industry that is embracing the digital shift. Because people are now on most online and offline platforms, it is important to know where and when to target them.

The adoption of an Omnichannel marketing strategy can be overwhelming. For the amount of data generated and the different channels from which you can engage. It is, then important to optimize this strategy’s potential. 

So, we gathered for you 5 tips to optimize your Omnichannel’s potential. 

5 Tips to Optimize Omnichannel Marketing’s Potential

1 – Keep up to date

One of the most important things about adopting an Omnichannel Marketing strategy is to keep up to date. We are referring to the new innovations and practices in the digital world

Modern society is ever-changing. So are its consumption habits. Thus, pharma marketers must take these into consideration when planning their omnichannel strategy. And for that, you might ask the questions: 

  • What are the competitors doing?
  • What are the trends in the field?
  • Where do consumers spend most of their digital time?
  • What kind of content do consumers access the most?

The list could go on. But the key element is to do a continuing review of the market, as well as an analysis of customers’ behaviours. So, you and your team can respond to changes and preferences that might occur.

Once people preferred reading scientific articles and magazines to get the necessary information. Now, these might prefer blogs or explainer videos.

2 – Proportionate a seamless customer experience

Omnichannel marketing is all about interconnected communication on the different chosen channels. Where conveying a unified message across all the platforms of action is key. Such is possible because you want the customer to have the best, seamless experience possible. 

For that to happen, you have to consider where and how you can improve your customer’s experience. You can start that by assessing feedback and analyzing data collected from your assets (i.e. website, journal/magazine, blog, apps…). 

As can be seen, by doing this, you can identify the problems that might make the customer’s experience complicated. And from there, move on to creating mechanisms that will allow you to offer a hassle-free experience. All in all, you support the customer all the way through its buying journey.

Pharma marketers have been using different tools to help customers travel down the funnel more easily. But within these, video explainers stand out for their potential and effectiveness. 

In 2021 marketers from the most varied industries proved their potential. 94% of these professionals claimed video helped them increase their understanding of a determined product or service. While a further 86% defended that the inclusion of video in their marketing strategy helped them generate leads. (Wyzowl)

So, through explainers, one of the most used formats of video in 2021, pharma marketers can:

  • Share insight into your product’s MOA and features;
  • Turn your complex data into easy-to-understand content;
  • Generate new leads; and 
  • Have the opportunity to adapt content to the consumers’ interests. 

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3 – Personalize the experience

To ensure you offer a seamless customer experience, it is important you take the consumer as the starting point of your strategy. From there, you must personalize your communication strategy around what you know of your audience. 

This requires you to leverage your data and customer behavioural insights with content. According to a study by Veeva companies that leveraged these behavioural insights outperformed their competitors in sales by as much as 85%. 

Omnichannel marketing’s success depends on the thorough analysis of the consumer. After all, it’s the basis for the whole strategy. Through this analysis you can then: 

By doing this, you can personalize your audience’s experience with your brand, maximizing its potential and awareness. As well as generating more leads. This personalization will maximize the potential of your omnichannel strategy. And reinforce the seamless customer experience you intend to proportionate.  

Learn more about customer-centric approaches to marketing, in this article

4 – Be dynamic

Omnichannel marketing is about interconnected communication over different chosen channels. And for this to be successful, you must be dynamic in your approach. 

Especially after COVID, HCP started to experience a difference in the approach made by sales reps. In fact, in 2020 82% of HCP surveyed by Accenture claimed to have noticed a difference in how and what pharma companies communicated about. Furthermore, these showed this new approach to be beneficial. Demonstrating, then, a keenness to involve and target people on different channels

This survey showed that the blended HCP approach has proven to be an effective dynamic way to communicate with physicians. This approach defends the combination of both online and offline strategies for sales reps to educate and sell products to physicians. It includes a combination of:

By combining these different channels, sales reps establish a dynamic link of communication with HCP that maintains interest and support. Thanks to this unique approach, HCP find their experience more insightful. 

Did you know that… in 2020 65% of interactions between HCP and sales reps were virtual? Before the pandemic face-to-face interactions prevailed by 64% (Accenture).

Overall, the dynamic of communication is at the core of any effective Omnichannel marketing strategy. If you want to maximize reach and success among your target audience, you must interconnect your different channels into a single, seamless stream of communication

5 – Share a unified message 

Within a strategy of interconnectedness, it is important to develop an identifiable voice and message that follows through. In other words, you want to make sure you share a unified message. One that will make your audience connect with your brand and product. 

Your voice and values are what make your brand a product of both emotional and functional value. Consumers value that same connection when they navigate both online and offline channels. This means they want to feel as if a brand’s values match their own. 

In 2022, over 50% of European consumers are expected to buy from brands with which they identify their values. That represents a 15% increase from the previous year. For this, now is the time to certify your message, and your values, are in line with your consumers. More important, ensure that these messages are clear to the consumer. 

There are different ways in which you can maximize the potential of your unified message. And that is possible by:

  • Sharing your values on your website;
  • Make it present in all your marketing efforts; and 
  • Make sure the language you are using is universal or particularly targeted to your specific audience.

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