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Top PSP Initiatives in Pharma


Patient Support Programs (PSPs) are vital to fighting the imminent impact of post-COVID declining patient adherence. These are initiatives that have put to the test pharma companies’ digital thinking into action. The ultimate aim is to turn customers’ experience into a seamless journey of support and continuing communication. 

We have gathered a list of the top PSP initiatives in pharma.  

What are PSPs?

Patient support programs (PSPs), also known as patient assistance programs (PAPs), are initiatives that pharmaceutical companies carry out to manage and support patients throughout their treatment journey. Organizations mainly direct these initiatives to tackle patient adherence – one of the main challenges in prescription-drug administration.

These programs tend to chronic disease patients that have to deal with a timely schedule and continuing regulation. It further helps out with accessing results and analytics, which often becomes overwhelming. So the main concerns are:

  • Drug and treatment access;
  • Clarification on drug usage and cautions to bear in mind;
  • Adherence improvement from patients, while reinforcing their trust in science, through education and information.

Overall PSPs enrich a brand’s service value and positioning in the market. Moving beyond the selling of drugs, these provide a link of connection with the customer that is both resourceful and valuable. 

Top PSP initiatives

1 – Pfizer RX Pathways

Pfizer’s RX Pathways is a patient support program whose primary goal is to provide financial assistance to US consumers. Taking into consideration people’s difficulty in accessing certain products and medicines, this initiative turns medicines eligible to patients through your doctor’s office or at home. 

For patients to have access to this help, patients should:

  • Reside in the U.S. or related territory;
  • Be treated by a licensed practitioner;
  • Meet income guidelines;
  • Have a legal prescription for a Pfizer product; and 
  • Have no prescription coverage. 

2 – Domedica PSPs

Domedica is an IQVIA business that focuses on providing the best patient support programs that aim at equipping both patients and healthcare professionals with the right tools for success. It has now over 24 active PSPs which cover 100% of the European markets.

These initiatives focus services mainly on:

  • Physician & Clinical Staff education – support the introduction of new devices to treatment methodologies;
  • Remote Training – information on the different therapies and actions to take on the event of adverse circumstances, as well as preparation for treatment management and emotional support;
  • Telehealth – patient-focused education with emotional support guidance. It further helps schedule management by providing reminders of upcoming appointments and medicines to take. 
  • Therapy administration and IV infusions – It offers the possibility to have therapy administration at home or at Domedica’s infusion centers. 

3 – Axios +- Myhealth & Mypatients apps 

International Pharma company Axios has launched Axios + in 2020 as a digital tool suite with all the necessary apps to maximize PSPs’ potential. These are digital solutions that include the:

  • Myhealth app – targeted at patients, it provides them with all the necessary tools to manage and track treatment;
  • Mypatient app – for physicians, it makes it easy to refer patients to the right PSPs that better fit their needs and unique circumstances. 
  • Mypharmacy app – allows pharmacists to dispense medications more efficiently. 

Adding to this, the Axios + digital suite includes the Myprograms web app that enables pharma companies to better monitor their PSP engagement and overall program performance. 

“Axio’s ultimate goal has…been to sustainably improve patient access and adherence to treatment to maximize patient’s medical benefits.” – Dr. Joseph Saba, Co-founder, and CEO of Axios International (Health IT Outcomes)

4 – Roche breast cancer PSP

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in Egypt, responsible for taking the lives of over 7000 women every year. Further aggravated by treatment constraints that restrict access to private-sector patients. So, Roche designed a PSP initiative that came into action in 2016. 

The program is targeted at out-of-pocket patients, indiscriminately. They only have to purchase the treatment themselves. So, the only beneficiary of the program is the patient and not the hospital or center. As soon as one is enrolled in the program, one obtains a membership card accompanied by vouchers for testing and free treatment cycles. 

To maximize the PSPs’ potential and increase patient adherence, it further collaborates with Can Survive Egypt to provide women with the necessary emotional support. It has also partnered up with Cairo Scan Lab to offer free screenings and diagnostic tests. 

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