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    5 Email Marketing Tools for Every Pharma Marketer to Start With

    Need to send a bunch of emails but simply don’t have the time? Here are 5 marketing tools that will save you the hassle of doing everything on your own.

    11 Project Management Solutions to Make Your Next Digital Pharma Project a Success

    These project management solutions will help you keep track of your tasks and give you full control over your pharma marketing project.

    5 High-tech Patient Engagement Solutions To Help Patients Adhere to Treatment

    Find out how patient engagement can maximize your ROI and discover free tools to get patients to engage and to adhere to treatment.

    Email Checklist For Pharma Marketers

    Are you a pharma marketer who is sending tons of emails every day? Check out this checklist to make sure that you’re doing your email marketing the right way.

    6 Free SEO Tools To Boost Your Pharma Brand’s Google Ranking

    Are you a pharma marketer looking for an effective but free SEO tool? Check out these tools for finding keywords, checking backlinks and tracking analytics.

    12 Pomodoro Timers You Can Use Right Now

    Be the most productive pharma marketer you know! Try the Pomodoro productivity technique! And here are just the tools to get started.

    7 Effective Tools Every Sales Rep Should Use

    Make your sales reps and MSL’s jobs easier than ever. Try out these free digital tools to get more pharma marketing leads in just a fraction of the time.

    Pharma Marketing Cheat Sheet For Making Videos On a Budget

    Video marketing campaign doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Click here and find out how to make videos on a budget.

    27 Effective CTAs For Better Pharma Marketing Results

    Turn your visitors into leads with these call-to-action-sentences that are certain to get the attention and the desired response from your target audience.

    10 Easy-To-use Web Analytics Tools For Every Pharma Marketer to Start With

    Find out how physicians and patients use your site. Use these web analytics tools to gain valuable insights into visitors’ behavior and improve your site.

    How to Write a Killer Video Script for Your Pharma Brand

    Every good marketing video starts with a killer script and with this ultimate video script template you’ll be sure to get that perfect video every time

    How To Write Email Subject Lines Physicians Will Want To Click

    Are physicians ignoring your emails? Discover the science behind writing good subject lines and make sure your next email gets opened and read.

    Free Guide For Using CTAs In Video Marketing For Healthcare

    Looking for ways to add CTAs to your pharma marketing video? Then download this free guide to make sure you are doing it right

    5 Types Of Videos Every Pharma Marketer Should Try

    These types of videos are specially tailored for pharma and are certain to grab the attention of physicians worldwide.

    5 Video KPIs Every Pharma Brand Manager Should Know

    Are you hitting the target with your video marketing campaign or simply wasting your time? Follow these key 5 metrics to find out.

    5 Pharma Marketing Keyword Research Tools That are a Lifesaver

    These keyword research tools will literally save your life… of at least a ton of time. So make sure to download this list and conduct your keyword research like a pro.

    A Killer Checklist for Adding Videos to your Pharma Marketing Campaign

    Video and email marketing can go hand in hand if you know how to effectively combine the two marketing types to maximize your results.

    10 Great Tools to Help out Your Product Specialists When They hit That Send Button

    Do you know what is happening with your marketing emails after you press the send button? Get these tools and find out!

    5 Video Hosting Platforms for Pharma Brands who Want to Stay Ahead of the Curve

    Looking to expand your video marketing campaign beyond YouTube? Check out these 5 alternative platforms for hosting your content.

    Best A/B testing Tools to Customize the Experience for Patients and Physicians

    Use these free tools to discover opportunities for A/B testing and conversion rate optimization on your pharma brand’s website.

    19 Questions Every Pharma Marketer Should Ask When Creating a Buyer Persona

    It’s not easy to create a buyer persona in pharma. But with this set of questions, you will easily get to know your patients and physicians.