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3 SEO Tips for Every Pharma Marketer Going Digital

Pharma digital marketing is ever-changing and SEO practices are evolving. If you wish to move forward, you have to catch up.

The digital landscape for pharma has changed a lot in the last few years. Mostly thanks to smarter search engine algorithms (Hummingbird). As well as due to the integration of social media with SEO (Google+ and Twitter). Alongside the ubiquity of smartphones.

Dive on in to learn more about our 3 SEO tips to reshape your strategy and increase website reach.

Tip #1: With search engines getting smarter, it’s time to get contextual

Search Engines are developing intelligent algorithms that can discern the difference between websites that provide value and websites that create the illusion of value. A classic example of that would be Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, which focuses on the semantics of your search query rather than your choice of keywords.

“Which is the nearest drug store to buy Pill A?” Conventional search engines might search for websites that include the words “nearest”, “drug store”, and “Pill A” in their content, but Google tries to understand the meaning of your search.

It uses the location information to calculate the approximate distances of different drug stores from your current location and then populates the results accordingly on the result page.

In the end, you just can’t get around Google – the search engine is now smarter and better than ever. The only way to rank better on search engine result pages is to provide engaging, relevant, quality content.

 Tip #2: Content matters—more than ever before

Today content is more important than ever to drive effective digital pharma marketing strategies. Your focus should lie on quality and detail. To be successful, you need to create simplistic and meticulously designed content that addresses your end-users’ problems. The more detailed, the better.

Many popular pharma websites have ditched the conventional approach and experimented with innovative ways of content marketing like:

  • Animated videos;
  • Informative slide shows;
  • Beautiful infographics;
  • …and much more!

The focus is on creating simple, engaging, and relevant content that can be understood easily by your target audience.

However, with bloggers and digital marketing agencies storming the Internet with creative content every day, the bar seems to be perpetually rising.

To be on top of the content marketing game, you need to follow the Three C’s of content marketing.
Be concise, consistent, and creative.

Tip #3: Catch up on the Mobile Wave

More than half of your target audience would be accessing the information through their smart devices, which means having a mobile strategy in place is no longer an option.

Since websites designed for computers are heavy, you need to ensure that you have a mobile version of your website that is lighter, faster, and smoother.

Well, as you can see, with search engines getting smarter, smartphones getting popular and the social media influence getting larger, the dynamics of SEO for pharma have changed in recent times.

It’s important for every pharma marketer to catch up with the trends and use their power to create an effective digital marketing campaign.