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Animated Explainer Videos in Pharma: What’s the catch?

The idea of using animated explainer videos to explain health themes is not a new one. Animation became a very popular medium for communications in healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions. Neither medical professionals nor patients are immune to its advantages. Today we’ll show you why.

Animated explainer videos are popular in a variety of areas for one main reason. The fact that they can make viewers a distinct type of contact with complex information. In essence, the combo of visual and audio allows one to get a full picture of a complex medical topic.

You can use animated explainer videos for tasks such as:

  • Helping the viewer to look at complex study data engagingly;
  • Introduce audiences to innovative technologies in a spectacular fashion;  
  • Show a visual representation of how specific medicines work;
  • Training medical staff on important procedures;
  • Provide patients with useful information to tranquilize them on a certain illness.

What can you use explainers in pharma for?

The way information travels today through a multitude of online channels creates a variety of sources. You can find thousands of these about complex medical topics with a simple search. This can complicate the journey of finding accurate information for medical practitioners.

Many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have to make sure that HCP and patients have access to information. Paving the way for open discussion on new drugs and how to use them in the treatment of certain conditions. 

That’s where animated explainer videos come into action. These files are a way to show these two audiences the process behind certain medical products while educating them. Animated explainer videos also serve other roles. They can be:

  • Product videos;
  • Branding videos; and 
  • Training videos that help aspiring medical practitioners. 

Let’s delve deeper into some of the main uses for animated explainer videos. You can watch an example of an explainer video from BlueNovius here.

Creating a strong brand

Health is a delicate subject for many people regardless of their age. Good branding for a pharma company ensures that it will earn the trust of its consumers. To nobody’s surprise, video is, then, a powerful element that can define the branding of a company. 

By investing in animated explainer videos you are providing your consumers with a whole new perspective about both your company and the products you have on the market. You can further show through it what your company stands for. Especially the values associated with it and what is the know-how that tells you apart from your competitors. 

Who knew that a short video could compress so much information into one multimedia file, right?

Educating your audiences

As you can imagine, there is a wide variety of drugs on the market for many purposes. In fact, this increases the competitiveness of many pharma brands. Aside from improving the health of many consumers, pharma needs to make sure patients know their products across the market

More and more people tend to go to Google whenever they want to research a certain illness or a certain drug for any affliction they feel. Self-diagnosis is controversial but inevitable. This is why it’s important to provide these audiences with quality information about a certain condition.

Animated explainer videos in pharma are an engaging way to address these audiences that google about a certain illness. In fact, they can explain to a user:

  • The effects a certain product will have on the human body;
  • In which circumstances it is advised to be taken or not. 

Through explainers, consumers will know more in-depth about new medicines on the market. As these translate pharmaceutical knowledge into an easy-to-understand language for those who didn’t study medicine. 

Discover how BlueNovius can help you educate your audiences with a MedExplainer here.

Attracting Healthcare Professionals

Medical practitioners are the people who usually have the final word when it comes to persuading a person to buy a determined product. Usually, they are the people who point patients to treatment methods, and prescribed medications and help incorporate drugs into their therapies.

One might think medical practitioners spend a lot of time analyzing and researching for certain drugs to prescribe to their patients. Unknown to some, HCP these days tend to spend a lot of time watching informative videos to learn and process information in a faster way. 

The old days in which HCP spent a lot of time either reading scientific studies or white papers provided by sales representatives are reaching an end. As a time-saver, many healthcare professionals opt, now, for animated explainer videos. After all, they illustrate the information needed, namely the advantages of certain drugs and/or treatments. 

In fact, nowadays, pharma companies can:

  • Inform HCP on best practices;
  • Start conversations about complex medical topics;
  • Highlight the benefits of a new drug or treatment; and 
  • Open up the opportunity for a new model of cooperation. 

Overall, all of this is thanks to a short explainer video that goes straight to the point.

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