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The Video Marketing Trends to Look Out For

The Video Marketing Trends to look out for

2022 has been a year in which video marketing trends are taking over many communication strategies. This spread throughout a variety of industries. In this type of content in a digital sphere, there is a myriad of different possibilities to explore. Pharma won’t be able to escape this increasing trend for long. With this in mind, here are some of the main trends you need to look out for in the upcoming year.

Video marketing trends on the rise

Explainer videos

Sometimes all a person needs is a quick explanation of a certain theme in an engaging style. This is one of the main reasons why explainer videos are increasing in popularity. People optimize time and learn faster about a certain topic through a narrative presented to them with a simple push of the “play” button.

Ideally, your explainer video should be around 30 to 90 seconds. This will involve a script of around 200 words to put together the main topics and organize the narrative around them. In pharma, you can use this to clarify many target audiences on complex medical data, for instance.

BlueNovius, for instance, has two video options aimed at patients, or HCP. Using either PubExplainer or MedExplainer, our two video marketing solutions for pharma brands, you can sum up the main points of your medical topics in 90 seconds or less.

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Interactive videos

Interactive video contents are on the rise as well. This style of video can be either a game, accompanying events, or even a call to action in a shared social media post. It’s a powerful tool to engage with your audience online. All through communication channels such as your website, social media, or even email marketing actions. 

Don’t let the connection with your audience end with a simple view. Take advantage of this format and keep this relationship going through engagement. 

Testimonial videos

Credibility in many organizations has seen better days. People tend to take other people’s word for it. Hence why testimonial videos are becoming a relevant type of content that will put your pharma brand in a new light. 

Many people are particularly reserved when it comes to talking about their health. Hence why a testimonial video addressing this theme presents a perspective of transparency from a patient who had a positive outcome. For pharma companies, these statements are powerful and put a brand’s credibility in a whole new light.

AR and VR videos

The pandemic gave way to a growing trend in video and technology. The rise of AR and VR videos will be a relevant way of creating a unique virtual experience for consumers. 

It’s something that some of the top pharma brands have started to explore. This is to show the advantages of a certain treatment or the effects of a drug on the human body. Keep an eye out for this trend, for it will certainly impact the user experience in a very innovative style.

User-generated video content

This one is a no-brainer for several business types. User-generated videos have risen thanks to the prevalent use of social media platforms. The growing popularity of platforms such as YouTube or TikTok leaves no space for doubts about the reach that user-generated videos have.

This type of content connects to testimonial videos, for instance. If somebody posts a positive review of a product or treatment from a pharma company, for instance, that will help increase the credibility of said company, as well as open a door to a potential partnership. 

Remember: people tend to value the word of a common individual far more than a company’s word. So you can use this to your advantage in your marketing strategy.

“Are video contents that popular right now?”

There is no doubt that video content has come to rule the internet. It’s changing a variety of consumer habits. We have a couple of relevant statistics for you about the influence of video content in the last years from a variety of sources involved in this area:

  • One of the main advantages of video is the fact that viewers keep 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. It’s relevant when compared to 10% when reading it in the text (Insivia)
  • Right one, about one-third of all online activity consists of many users watching videos (WordStream)
  • Still in that regard, people tend to watch an average of 16 hours of video every week on a global scale (Wyzowl)
  • At this age 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online video content to television content (Think with Google)
  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to get a better understanding of a product or service. Within that sample, 84% of people say that watching online videos of brands led them into buying a certain product or service. (Wyzowl)
  • The pandemic also had a boost in this. 96% of consumers say that since COVID-19 struck, they have increased the amount of video content they have watched online (HubSpot)  
“Yes, but how can this work for pharma?”

Think again. According to Digitescu, a company that conducted a case study focused on the case of pharma, a couple of relevant statistics were revealed about the way HCP are taking advantage of video content:

  • It’s said that many physicians spend at least 3 hours a week consuming video
  • Within this very case study, 81% of the physicians inquired have admitted to having watched educational medical videos online in 2018;
  • Of the sample inquired, 66% of physicians used video as a useful tool to stay on top of the latest clinical information.

Do you agree with our picks on the main video marketing trends for 2022? When it comes to explainer videos in pharma, BlueNovius can help you introduce your brand to video. Discover more about PubExplainer and MedExplainer, our two main customized video marketing solutions for pharma brands.

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