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Video in healthcare: How can this sector take advantage of video content?

Video in healthcare_How can this sector

Healthcare is, without a doubt, evolving into a more technological era. Those who work in the industry are slowly being swayed by this change. This is becoming noticeable as many healthcare professionals are using more video content to their advantage. 

What uses does video have for these health professionals? Let’s find out.

The role of video content in healthcare

For many workers in healthcare, video content has become a relevant part of their routine. Many employees in hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and more are using this to communicate, teach, and train.

This trend is no surprise, seeing that video can be very practical in more than one area. Not too long ago, in healthcare, it was common to use text-based content to explain complex subjects. Yet, the growing demands felt by many workers determined that it was time for a change.

Physicians, assistants, members of the staff, and interns nowadays feel huge pressure. Particularly, in the demand to always be up to date with a variety of medical topics. They need to be up to date. But they also need to know how to share their knowledge with people from different backgrounds.

This is why video has become a huge advantage for HCP. After all, it’s a simple tool that shows more information in less time than any written document. Not only that, it is content that is easy to share and review at any time, anywhere.

How are HCP taking advantage of this content? 

Improving healthcare learning

Education and training are two of the main areas that benefit from video. Through the use of this content for training purposes, physicians and staff will be able to be up-to-date.

A good percentage of physicians use video content to stay updated on recent clinical information. It’s estimated that they spend an average of 11 hours per week using this content format. All just for professional training and education.

BlueNovius has a video format proper to help HCP learn quickly about determined topics. It just takes a PubExplainer to turn your complex medical data into an engaging learning experience suited for healthcare professionals. 
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Innovating on corporate and internal communication

In any type of organization, both internal and external communications are vital to the maintenance of the organization. In healthcare, this can be a challenge, especially in an area in which many workers aren’t always connected to their emails. 

With the help of video as a way to maintain communication on both fronts, this process can become a lot easier to manage. Wherever the workers are, they can easily access video content provided by the organization to help them keep in touch with key messages.

Helping medical teams and all workers to share knowledge

Medical teams’ role is vital not only in practice but also in theory. In many cases, these groups indirectly act as the face of an organization. This role can also extend to other workers from distinct areas.

There are many possibilities for a video to benefit more than one work area in healthcare. For example, a physician can use it to show in detail how a diagnosis works and what importance it will have for the patient. Another example can be centred on someone from the administration showing staff how to enter data into the record system through a video tutorial. 

Then, healthcare organizations need to ensure they are properly addressing their teams’ needs with each piece of video content produced. 

Taking a new approach to patient education

Not only can this content be used in the context of training for professionals in the area, but also for patients. With just one video, they can be educated on topics such as medical procedures, disease prevention, and condition management. 

Physicians love video as a way of communicating with patients for a variety of reasons. It helps them save time with regard to individual counselling and is very easy to use in telemedicine consultations. Video is also associated as a great tool in promoting the active participation of the patient in treatment decisions.

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Showing the data in a live event

Many institutions in healthcare are more than happy to share their latest knowledge with a variety of participants, be it a remote, hybrid, or in-person event. Here’s where video content can truly provide a memorable experience.

Medical professionals can use video to show the results of recent research, introduce a new hospital treatment, and share news regarding their institution. Audiences will retain more information through a multimedia presentation, not to mention that the choice of visuals can make a difference in any event.

Maintaining a “video library”

Lastly, what better way to keep information than by creating a “virtual library”? Video has no limits to the types of topics that you can approach.

Through an archive of video content, one can access this information anytime and anywhere. By splitting these videos by category and format, the information can be easier and easier to find by anybody in the workforce that needs it. 


Healthcare employees, working in clinics, hospitals, medical schools, and other offices, have increasingly used video. As a way to teach, train, and share information over the last decade. With the ever-growing challenges that healthcare has been through it’s no wonder that companies are seeking new solutions.

Videos are a simple and easy tool that can quickly convey more detail than text. Additionally, one can share and view these anywhere. Given its practical uses, there’s no doubt that this content will find more than one way to benefit this work area.

As time marches on, more and more possibilities are rising regarding multimedia content. Video will surely be a popular resource for the compression and presentation of valuable medical information.

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