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5 Video Marketing Ideas You’ve Never Thought of

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come”- Victor Hugo

Now, when I talk to pharma marketers about the challenges they face while adapting to video marketing, they often tell me that they find it difficult to start with video marketing because they lack the motivation for finding the right theme.

I agree that coming up with the right ideas for your video marketing campaign is challenging. And that’s where most pharma marketers stop.

I’m writing this blog post to pull you out of that pit. While I share with you some awesome video marketing ideas.

Although I agree that coming up with an idea requires a creative thought process. Though remember, don’t obsess over perfection. You will end up losing precious time.

Just pick up the best of all the ideas, and start.

The two golden pieces of advice that I can give you is– Don’t think. Just do it.

You’ll surprise yourself.

1. Make Videos a part of your eDetailing

Instead of including presentations and analytics reports, think about how you can integrate videos into your eDetailing campaign.

The concept of eDetailing is here to provide flexibility and convenience. Especially to “hard-to-see” healthcare professionals (eg. specialists), so that they can interact with the content of their own will.
While presentations are great, independent infographic research has discovered that humans interpret videos 6000x times faster than text or graphics. In fact, 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual.

If you’re not including videos in your eDetailing campaign, you’re simply losing out on a lot of brownie points.

Videos simplify the process of interpreting the information and keep healthcare professionals constantly engaged with your content, allowing you to condense a lot of information and get more points across in less time.

You can integrate videos across all three forms of eDetailing. Tablet eDetailing, Self-guided eDetailing, or Portal-based eDetailing.

2. Include Your Sales Reps

You can leverage their industry knowledge and experience to empower your video marketing campaign.
Instead of having an active one-to-one interactive session, you can also think of creating a personalized video, where the sales rep explains the product/service to them.

There are two advantages to this approach:

  1. You save the healthcare professional’s time and provide him the convenience of watching the session at his own will
  2. You can send the video to multiple healthcare professionals, thereby saving time and efforts

3. Create Case-study Videos

Nothing builds more credibility than real-life scenarios presented with a blend of factual information and rationality.

A psychological study has proved the fact that humans are wired toward validation.

“If it worked for someone, it could work for me, too.”

Case studies videos are a great way to engage your audience because they give valuable insights to healthcare professionals, and allow them to make decisions, that are not based on assumptions, but on factual validations.

4. Shooting Live events and webinars

Since healthcare professionals have a super busy schedule, they do not have time to catch up on ongoing events and webinars.
A great way of boosting your video marketing campaign is to shoot the ongoing live events and webinars and share them through email or via your own healthcare portal with healthcare professionals.
Pro-tip: Don’t make the mistake of sending a long video to your healthcare professionals. They probably don’t have enough time to watch all of it. Instead, edit the best parts of the speech or event, and compile various snippets to form a short and crisp video. You can even use it as a part of your email marketing campaign.

5. Interact with Your Products in real life

Finally, we’re down to the last gem.

I think this Chinese proverb explains it in the best possible way:

The best way to build your brand’s credibility is to showcase your products in action and deliver the outcomes you’ve promised.
People trust people. They will believe everything you say if they hear it from real people who have tried and experienced your product. Their words speak louder than your marketing tagline or PowerPoint presentation.

It takes some time to come up with creative themes or ideas, and your pace on the adaptability curve might be slower than you had estimated, but stay persistent and you’ll get the hang of it before you even know it.

How excited are you about including video marketing in your content strategy? Do you think video marketing will change the way we perceive digital content, or do you think it will take some time to go up the adaptability curve?

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