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Why We Love Animated Medical Videos (And Every Pharma Marketer Should Too)

Physicians are bombarded with printed materials from pharmaceutical sales reps on daily basis. All those pamphlets, brochures, and other materials that are constantly flooding the doctor’s offices are often too much for physicians to go through. Animated medical videos can be the secret key to your future success.

Much of your pharma brand’s valuable info often gets lost in the paperwork shuffle. Alongside go medical pamphlets that usually end up in a bin.

Face-to-face meetings and printed promotional papers are failing to provide the desired information and results. Animated medical videos are taking over the main stage for a good reason.  No one will toss a video into the bin.

But that’s not the only reason why I believe animated videos are the perfect tools for effective pharma marketing.

Dive on in to learn more about the advantages of including animated medical videos in your digital pharma marketing strategy.

A picture speaks louder than words

Printed materials and branded notepads won’t work in today’s competitive pharmaceutical market. Animated medical videos are the tools your sales rep needs. With animated videos, your sales reps can inform your HCPs in a more engaging and interactive way.

They can explain any medical concept in high detail. Stunning medical animations can bring any medical concept to life. Animations will let you convey your message in a convincing and clear manner, regardless of whether it’s a pharmaceutical product or a medical device.

Medical illustration can show exactly how your medical product or device looks and behaves. You can use animation to show the inside mechanism of a medical device or how medications travel through and impact the human body. This will give your pharma brand a heads up in the always competitive medical market.

Save your physicians’ time

Physicians are busier than ever and it’s not always easy booking a meeting with a sales rep. But medical videos can be placed on websites, emerged into marketing campaigns, or made available on demand. That way physicians and patients can view them in their own time. And if your reps are sharing the video in person it will make their presentation shorter and more concise than ever.

Offer experience instead of a story

A goal of every pharma marketer is to show people why their product is better than the competitors. But using medical animation is more than telling a story about your medical product. It’s more about providing the experience that your physicians will never forget.

Instead of telling them why your pharmaceutical product or a medical device is better, you’ll be showing them why it’s better. And guide them through its creation process, clinical trials, and scientific finding.

By providing physicians with real experience you’ll be making a meaningful relationship with your HCPs. A relationship that is likely to last throughout the years.

Medical animations are cost-effective

Medical animations are reusable materials. High-definition images can be used for print materials and online websites.

Not only that this will save you money but it will also help create a consistent look and feel throughout your marketing campaign. Having a distinctive look will help create a bond with physicians, patients, and your pharma brand that will resonate strongly in physicians’ and patients’ minds for years to come.


Hope that this blog post convinced you to give medical animation a try. I’m certain it will stir up your marketing video campaign and help you create meaningful bonds with physicians. If you would like to get notified about all of our latest posts, feel free to subscribe.