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5 Ways Animated Videos Can Make Your Pharma Brand Invincible

The Internet is full of emails, blogs, ads, and videos overwhelming the digital space. It’s becoming hard to cut through the noise and make your pharma online campaign stand out in the crowd.

Yes, getting the attention of HCPs has never been harder. But I always find a way to reach and engage physicians and patients. How do I do that? Animated medical videos are the trick up my sleeve.

Animated videos are proven to increase conversion rates by 20%. That makes them a perfect choice for pharma marketers looking to freshen up their marketing strategies.

Why are animated videos so effective in turning viewers into leads? This post should clear up that dilemma for you. Here are 6 reasons why animated videos are a secret weapon of any digital pharma marketing campaign. And why you should start using them ASAP.

It doesn’t feel like marketing

Marketing has been using animation for decades. But even today, many people are failing to see the bond between animation and marketing.

Every time a pharma marketing video starts, people have a feeling that they are looking at something else. Maybe a cartoon or a full animated film. That’s why they are more likely to continue to watch untill the very end. Since animated videos don’t feel like advertisements at all, they represent a subtle and cool way to convey your pharma marketing message.

Non-threatening patient learning tool

Do you remember the first time you saw an animated video? For me, it was way back when I was a child sitting in front of the TV watching my favorite cartoon. According to research, even in adulthood, people tend to connect animation with cartoons.  While watching, they experience the feeling of nostalgia rather than anything else.   

Even when they watch an animated medical video, patients are likely to experience tranquility or feel the amazement they felt when they were a child.

Videos have the ability to explain difficult conditions and treatments in an amusing way. This makes videos a perfect tool for patient e-learning and health literacy.  

Animation makes people relate

Using animated characters in your video is a great way to get viewers to identify with the people on screen. Animated characters have the ability to easily relate to any human being. That’s because they are a representation of an ideal person.

Their physical features can be contributed to any human being. That’s why people are more likely to relate to animated characters than real people on the screen.

And when they identify with animated characters they are more likely to adopt their behavior. That’s why animated videos are perfect for getting patients to comply. 

The possibilities are endless

Filming a video with people and cameras depends on money and the possibilities of a human body. But there’s no limit to making a good animated video.

Animation can show the outside or the inside of a human body. It can show the unveiling of a certain process or turn bacteria into main characters. That’s why videos are perfect tools for explaining a variety of conditions, and treatments. And the best part is … no matter what you do, the budget is pretty much the same.

Videos are easily shareable

Animated videos are perfect for turning your clients into advocates of your brand. If physicians and patients like your video then they are likely to share it on the web. That’s how they will turn themselves into promoters of your brand. Studies have shown that a majority of video consumers share videos with others.  In fact, a whopping 92% of internet users share video content on the web

And that’s why pharma marketers (myself included) simply love using animated videos in their campaigns. If you want to discuss what animated videos can do for your company subscribe right here.