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6 Reasons Why Explainer Videos are the Best Pharma Marketing Resource

As pharma marketers enter the world of digital marketing, they have a range of tools at their disposal. From content marketing, webinars, landing pages, and various conversion tools, it’s very difficult to decide on the right marketing channel to maximize physician engagement and get tangible results.

Among the many outlets available at the moment, video has come out as a great way to get great results with physicians with very little effort. Here are some reasons why explainer videos are a such wild success with pharma companies all over the globe.

They’re short

Across industries, decision-makers don’t have much time to make crucial choices. Similarly, physicians are very strapped for time and they don’t have the time to delve into research to make a call on your newest product. With the average explainer taking no more than 3 minutes (most of our PubExplainers are just 90 seconds long), physicians don’t have to waste their precious time.

Think about it – the standard for pharma marketers at the moment is scientific publication reprints. It takes about 10-15 minutes to read and understand a reprint, whereas it takes only 90 seconds to watch an explainer video and make a decision. Which would you rather send out to your physicians?

You can use explainer videos anywhere you want

If you think about the traditional marketing collateral in pharma, it’s pretty limited in its use. Newsletters are only sent out by email, reprints can only be handed out during calls, and webinars can only be viewed online.

On the other hand, explainer videos have no such limitations! You can embed them in emails so that physicians can view them directly or within their internet browsers. They can be placed on your website or even be put on LinkedIn. And it doesn’t stop online – you can take explainer videos to conferences and play them to large groups of physicians. Alternatively, they can be played on tablets during sales reps or MSL calls.

You get to present a problem and a solution

As videos are linear in nature, they’re an excellent medium to show things on a timeline, as they naturally progress. This means that you can present a problem (a disease) and a solution (your product).

One could argue that you can do something similar with written content, but it is nowhere near as quick and convenient. There is no other marketing medium that shows the transition from problem to solution as quickly as video.

You can edit explainer videos easily

Once you hire an experienced video marketing company to create some medical explainer videos, you’ll be able to see just how much freedom you can have with creating and editing explainer videos.

For example, you can try out different tonality and voiceovers, or slap on a few extra seconds where necessary, without tons of additional work. What’s more, you can easily translate your explainer videos to a different language. You can also simply change the voiceover or add some subtitles, for a cost-effective solution.

They’re an easy-to-use medium

From the pharma marketer’s perspective, explainer videos are one of the easiest marketing devices to master. As long as you outsource the video creation to a professional, you’re left with a finished product you can use to your liking.

As pharma marketers are getting more familiar with digital marketing channels, they may not be familiar with some of the latest cutting-edge tech such as chatbots or AI. However, you can implement explainer videos in any marketing strategy, for any pharma company, with absolute ease.

They’re affordable

In terms of what you pay and what you get, video offers the best return on investment out of all currently available channels.

What’s more, you can actually measure the return on investment for explainer videos. Have you ever tried measuring the ROI on a reprint sent to physicians, a webinar, or a case study on your pharma website?

With explainer videos, you know exactly:

–        Which physicians watched your video

–        When they watched it and for how long

–        Which part of the video was the most engaging

–        Which action does the physician take after watching

In other words, each aspect of using explainer videos for marketing is quantifiable, and there’s no guessing.