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5 Video Marketing Metrics for Pharma

So you’ve made a video that got a bunch of views. People are watching it, commenting on it and it seems that they can’t get enough of it. Good for you! But what does that mean for your pharma marketing goals?

When faced with a variety of video metrics many pharma marketers are not sure which numbers to follow. Or more importantly how to interpret these numbers. Videos represent the type of content that can provide an array of useful metrics. But not every one of these metrics has the same relevance for your marketing goals.

I know that all those numbers can be confusing. That’s why I have created this blog to show you what video metrics deserve your attention. Here are 5 effective ways to measure the contribution of your pharma marketing video to your goals.

Play rate

Let’s start with play rate as one of the simplest metrics to measure. Play rate will show you the number of people who clicked on your video and began to watch it. Play rate is great for measuring the reach of your video. And its ability to attract new people as it will show you the success of your video in enticing visitors to watch.

Number of views

The number of views is another important KPI to measure. As its name suggests, the number of views represents the number of times your video has been viewed. In order for you to get a view, the viewer has to see at least 3 seconds of your video.   

Levels of engagement

This is one of the most important metrics to measure.  Levels of engagement will show you the way your viewers interact with the video.

Levels of engagement contain a variety of important info. For example how long did the viewer watch your video? Or which parts were watched several times and which parts were skipped completely? And when did the viewers stop watching your video?

Levels of engagement are crucial for evaluating what works and what has to be changed. By closely following levels of engagement, you’ll be able to see the pattern. And begin to create video content that will increase the success of every other of your KPI.

Click through rates

Click-through rates will show you the number of viewers who clicked on the CTA inserted into your video. There are a huge number of online tools that can enable you to insert a call-to-action sentence into your videos. This metric is important because it measures the ability of your video to get physicians to take further action.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the final and the most important video metrics you should measure. Conversion rates will show you how many HCPs filled out a contact form after watching your video. By filling out a form and providing you with their contact info your viewers are turning into leads. And that’s exactly what pharma marketers are aiming to achieve with their video content.

Now that you understand core video marketing metrics, there’s nothing stopping you from measuring the success of your video. And its contribution to your overall pharma marketing goals.

Before you get to number cracking, remember to sign up for more healthcare marketing tips. And always get the most out of your pharma marketing campaign.