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Why Video is the Perfect Medium for Pharma to Convey its Message

Many marketers are enjoying the benefits of video marketing for years. But pharma seems reluctant to fully explore its potential. 

Video has a great way of explaining concepts that are either complicated or abstract to patients. This makes them a great tool for patient education. But videos are also a great way of reaching physicians and presenting your pharma brand in both digital and real world.

In this blog I’ll show you a few reasons why I think that video is the ultimate marketing tool. And a perfect media for pharma marketers looking to reach and educate patients and HCPs. Here’s how pharma could benefit the most from the use of videos as a media in pharma marketing campaigns.

The Best Media for Pharma to Reach new Audience

As new treatments and technologies appear, it can be difficult for both physicians and patients to keep up. Videos are a powerful tool for patient education. They can explain difficult concepts in a way viewers will understand and memorize.

Videos are easier to remember and are known to stick inside people’s mind for several months after they’ve been watched. This ability to stay in people’s mind for so long makes them a perfect tool for increasing adherence. They can insure that patients are sticking to their recommended therapy. And reduce the number of people quitting their treatment.

But patients are not the only ones who need to be educated on new devices and product. Physicians often don’t have the time to carefully study and evaluate the advantages of various options. They need to have the message sent across to them in a clear, informative and an appealing way. And video proved to be the best way to do that. Videos can transfer much more information faster than text or face to face meetings. And as you already know physicians now have less time then ever!

Physicians are busy people that don’t always have time for long introduction and explanations. Video on the other hand can explain everything physicians need to know in one or two minutes.

A minute or two of clarifications, followed by the listing of benefits and side effects of a certain drug will definitely keep your physicians attention. And increase brand loyalty. Picture speaks louder than words. That’s why a brief medical video is more likely to capture the attention of your viewers than a brochure or a leave-behind.

Easy Way to Get Referrals

Another great thing about videos is the fact that they are easily shareable. If you get one physician to realize the quality of your pharma brand they can easily become your advocates. Then they can use the video about your product to tell their fellow physicians all about it.

A brief video message can be shared among physicians via emails or direct messages. That way it can reach the audience you never new you had.

Improve the decision making process

Also, medical videos can help physicians make better decisions that will benefit both them and their patients. Create a video with hard data presented in a persuasive manner. And you are certain to leave an impact on your physicians prescription behavior.

Videos have a fantastic persuasive power over people. Researches have shown that 64% of people are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video about it. With carefully planned out and professionally executed video you will raise conversion rates. And expand your audience in no time.

All the more reason to get into video making ASAP. But first, don’t forget to sign up for more useful pharma marketing tips and valuable insights. And make sure you are always in the loop with the latest developments in your field.