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How to Make a Great Medical Video Script for Your Pharma Brand

If you’re a pharma marketer determined to use the power of video to boost SEO, and increase conversions and retention, you are definitely on the right track to success.

But before you even begin to think about video filming, animation and production, you have to put in the effort to create a killer video script for your pharma brand.

A well-written medical video script is the very foundation of every successful video marketing campaign. With a good script, you’ll be able to engage your viewers, even if the visuals are not that great.

But write a script poorly, and there isn’t a production company in the world that can save you from a pure failure.

Because I know how scripts are important for making a kickass pharma marketing video, I created this blog that will show you how to make medical video scripts like an award-winning scriptwriter. Let’s get started!

Use Hollywood-style writing

Ah, Hollywood… home to the biggest film industry in the world. If there’s something that Hollywood films can teach us, it’s how to make a good script. If you love Hollywood movies as much as I do, you probably noticed the finely constructed structure that supports every video script.

Every Hollywood film has three different parts. First, where it explains the problem of the characters. The second part is where the problem is solved.

The final part is where the audience realizes that this is truly the best solution for the problem. This classic Hollywood script structure could be easily transferred to your medical video script as well.

First, take the time to explain the medical problems your product or device is aiming to solve. Then describe the treatment and its influence on the human body and finally compare your results with those considered “a gold standard” to prove why your solution for the problem is far superior to those made by your competitors to seal the deal.

Keep it under 2 minutes

The statistic is clear – the shorter the video, the more views it gets. That’s why you should make your video short and sweet. But still, make sure to put all the necessary information in it. The best medical video scripts should be able to fit everything into a 90 seconds video. 

How much is that in words you ask? About 240. A video script that contains around 240 words will fill a 90-second video when read clearly and rhythmically.

If you are unsure how to fit your message into a mere 240 words here’s an extra tip.

Start with the most relevant info and work your way to the less important stuff. This way you’ll make sure you said everything you had to say before the time runs out.

Consider your audience

You may be able to borrow the script structure from a Hollywood film, but when script writing for healthcare is concerned, your audience is not the same as the one in your local cinema. Your audience is full of physicians and they are going to need scientific, scalable data to really get into the story.

That’s why when making a video script you should focus on precise evidence of your product’s effectiveness. Focus on the results of your clinical trials. Or trustworthy comparative studies to get your message across and help physicians make better choices.

Encourage patients to share their experience

Though focusing on scientific info is important, humanizing your content can also become relevant for your target audience. Showing real people who already used your product or at least adding their testimonials as a quote inside your video will help add a human touch to your content.

Remember, everybody loves a success story! And who could tell it better than the ones who lived through it and came up on top?

Now that you know what you need to do to make a perfect video script for your pharma brand get your pencils, (I mean computers) ready and get to writing. And if you need some extra tips on video marketing for healthcare subscribe here and make sure to never miss a post.