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Animated Medical Videos as the Solution for All Your Pharma Marketing Problems

During a long working day, a pharma marketer is faced with quite a few problems. How to get people to open their email? How to reach patients and physicians? Or how to turn their online visitors into leads?

If you have any of these problems keeping you up at night, you’ll be happy to know that there is one simple solution for all of them.

Video! Video is a great and effective tool still insufficiently used by pharma marketing companies. From explaining complex medical terms to turning visitors into leads, a video is a magical tool that can make your life a whole lot easier.  

Explain complex information with a data-based medical video

Medicine is a complex science. It’s not always easy to explain scientific information to people who did not go to medical school. That’s why videos are a great tool for teaching patients all they need to know about their condition.

Animated videos particularly have the ability to explain even the most complex information. By using animation and voice-overs, you can explain complex concepts to patients of any age and learning abilities.

Animation can enlarge microscopical parts of the human body, viruses, and bacteria. A variety of treatments can be easily explained as well.

The great thing about animation is that there is no stopping it. With animation, you can travel the cosmos or explore the human body. Videos are one of the best materials for e-learning. And if you want patients to understand what your products can do for them, then video is the way to go.

Increase your Google rankings

Placing a video is often the simplest thing you can do to instantly boost your Google rankings. Videos are frequently ranked in the top  10 search results on Google. And that’s where every pharma brand likes to see its content appear.

If you add a video to your online asset, you may end up on the much-desired first page. Adding a video to your home page will increase the likelihood of it appearing on Google by 53X.

Increase time spent on page

Having a well-executed video about your brand increases the value of your content and keeps visitors engaged longer than text. People on average spent 2.6X more time on pages with video than the ones without it. Clearly, videos make quite a difference.

More time spent on a page means higher engagement rates. The more physicians and patients stay on your site, the more likely they are to learn about your brand. And to consider and click, a call to action should be placed on your landing page.

Lead generation

That brings us to another problem easily solved by video, lead generation. All you have to do to turn your videos into a lead generation machine is to put your call to action sentence into it.

Adding a subscription form will let you gather physicians’ information and email addresses. Then you can contact them and have a chat about your brand.

Humanize your company

Even in the age of digital marketing, people still like to know who they are talking to.  Use video to show the people behind your company.  A good marketing video will help humanize your marketing campaign.

You can create an instruction video about your company to explain what you are all about. Or you can use patient testimonials to tell a success story about your product. That way physicians and patients will have a feeling that they are talking to a human being, rather than a faceless corporation.

Increase email open and click-through rates

In 2012, a mere 8% of marketers said that they use video to increase their email conversion rates. Now more than 76% of marketers are merging the two marketing media to maximize their results.

Every year, more and more pharma marketers are combining video and email marketing. And their tactic is paying off. Simply mentioning the word video in your email subject line will increase its open rates by 19%.

But videos are not only great for getting your emails opened. They work even better in getting receivers to visit your website. Adding a video to a marketing email will increase its click-through rates by 65%. That should get you a bunch of new interesting leads you should nurture.


And that ends today’s blog about the power of video marketing. If you ever encounter one of these problems in your pharma marketing practice make sure you consider medical video as the solution.

It can turn out to be the answer to your prayers. And if you want to know more about the best pharma marketing practices that brought me more than 10.000 successful projects sign up here.