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5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make In Video Marketing for Pharma

Video has become a darling of the marketing world. Over 87% of marketers are using video to promote their products. Another 60% of marketers want to increase their video marketing budget in the years to come.

There isn’t a relevant marketing company out there that doesn’t base its marketing efforts on video production. But are they doing it right? Despite the rise in popularity and the expansion of video marketing, I often see pharma marketers making terrible mistakes. These errors prevent them from getting the most out of their pharma marketing video.

That’s why I’ve written this blog post to help you discover the mistakes you are making without even realizing it. This will also help you never make the same mistakes again.

Using video online only

Placing your video online is a good way to promote your product but what if physicians fail to see it? What if they’ve never been to your website and haven’t opened that email you’ve sent them? Videos are far too expensive and too valuable to let go to waste.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, most HCPs still rely on conversation to learn about medical products. That’s why you should make sure to take videos along with your when meeting physicians face to face.

Videos can help your sales reps and MSL’s explain your product during a visit. This saves your physicians and employees a lot of time.

Forgetting about the patients

Pharma marketers usually place their focus on physicians. But healthcare marketing videos can be a great tool for educating the public as well. Healthcare professionals have an obligation to educate patients on their condition as well as the effect that medicines have on their bodies.

Creating a video that’s as useful for patients as it is for physicians can help bridge the gap between them. Good educational videos result in a higher level of compliance. And get patients to correctly follow advice and continuously adhere to their treatment.

Not telling the whole story

Medical explainer videos tend to be very scientific. They explain the functioning of a certain product and its benefits for the patients. But there’s a lot more than a video can offer. For example, a video can show the extensive research behind the development of a new product.

You can personalize videos by filming those who worked on the medicine’s development, as well as the company that supported the research. Telling the entire story makes your video more persuasive and fewer sales oriented than the simple focus on the benefits.

Failing to brand your video properly

You may think that branding is not an important aspect of video marketing. But nothing can be further from the truth. When creating a video about your medical product you what to make sure it has your trademark logo. And colors typical for your brand in it. This will help establish the connection between the video and your brand. That way, every time people view it they’ll remember your pharma brand.

Giving up after only one video

You may think that every video is a completely separate story. But only by presenting a series of videos you can create a strong relationship with your HCPs. By producing a series of videos you can create the notion that you are the go-to company for whatever physicians and patients need.

This way they will not see you as a company that’s marketing a medical product or a device. But rather as someone who physicians and patients can really count on. In every situation. Besides, it’s always good to stay top of mind.

If you’ve been making any of these mistakes it’s time to stop now and start doing video marketing the right way. It will help you drive conversation and create long-term relationships with your HCPs.

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