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3 Ways to Promote your Medical Videos to Physicians

So, you’ve decided to try out video marketing for your pharma company – great news. However, now that you have a finished video, what exactly do you do with it? Medical videos without physicians viewing them are like a hotel with no guests – there’s no purpose.

Once you have a great medical video, you need to know the proper ways to promote it, to get the best return on investment. Here are some excellent methods to promote your medical videos so that they get maximum exposure and HCP views in minimal amount of time.

Combine medical videos and email

Email is by far the most popular channel for communication for physicians worldwide. Coincidentally, it’s also a great platform for using video. If you just include the word video in the subject line, 19% more physicians will click and open it. Click-through rates for physician emails with video are 65% – which is a great figure. Finally, pharma companies that regularly send emails with video get 26% fewer unsubscribers.

One of the ways to get these numbers is by using a simple solution– thumbnails. As it turns out, if you use a video thumbnail instead of any regular image, 300% more physicians will click through.

What’s the best part about using video in email? The fact that it’s absolutely free. If you’re already using an email service provider, simply embed the video or thumbnail into your next email and send it out. If you are using approved email, even better, make it easy for your reps and MSLs.

Depending on which video platform you use, you’ll be able to see which physician clicked through and played the video – and how long they got into playing it. Once set up, this is an incredibly effective tactic for promotion and getting physicians to reach out to you, instead of going after them for a call.

Optimize your thumbnail in medical videos

Granted, this is not a direct way of promoting your medical explainer videos, but good promotion can’t happen with a poor thumbnail. The function of the thumbnail is as follows:

–        Spark the interest of physicians before they click on play

–        Show the most interesting bit from the video

–        Show the most relevant information for physicians


As you can see from the two thumbnails above, they show information that can easily spark physicians’ interest, before they even click on the video to open it. Once you share the video in email or on your website, this is the only thing the HCP will see before playing – so better make it enticing.

Play your medical videos at a congress

You know when you go to a conference, only to be bored to death by a lifeless Powerpoint presentation or a dull speaker? If your congress presentations are essentially based on someone talking with a presentation in the background, you’re seriously missing out.

To stop physicians in the audience from falling asleep from boredom, play a video instead of a speaker session. Or even better, make it part of a speaker session! If you put the video as the first part of the presentation, you’ll be able to capture their attention before a speaker even shows up.

For maximum effect, we suggest turning your scientific publication into a medical explainer video. In this way, you’ll be able to quickly summarize the most important points into a brief medical video, in a way that physicians will remember them. That way, their mind will stay fresh and they’ll be geared for asking questions later on.

Alternatively, you can use video on smaller screens. Medical explainer videos can be played in booths and kept in a continuous loop, or on tablets, as physicians approach to get more information. Wherever there’s a screen, there’s room to display your new medical explainer video.

Don’t have a video to start with?

Perhaps, you may have not even consider video as a strategy. However, pharma marketers across the world have achieved admirable success by using video as a way to connect with more physicians and communicate their most important scientific data.

There’s just one problem – very few pharma companies have dedicated in-house teams that can tackle this rather complicated task. This is why BlueNovius offers video marketing to pharma companies. We worked with more than 50 pharma companies globally and we know what it takes to achieve success with video marketing.

If you’d like to be a part of this winning team, reach out to us today and get started!

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