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5 Top Video Marketing Tips for Pharma Marketers

Are you a pharma marketer looking to expand your company’s digital portfolio and do something innovative? Perhaps you’re just making a move into digital and wondering about the best channels to increase your share of voice. Ultimately, you may be a pharma marketer who’s already using video but just not getting the results you want. Whatever the case, we have some video marketing tips to help you improve your video marketing performance.

Here are some of the tried and tested tips to make your pharma video marketing efforts as efficient as possible.

Keep the story interesting

Before starting out with your video marketing campaign, think of the story you want to tell. Are you launching a new product? Updating physicians about released products? Showing off the results of recent research?

One of the most frequent complaints from physicians regarding pharma marketing is that the information they get is often canned and repeated and they’re already familiar with it. When creating your pharma marketing videos, make sure that the info you provide is fresh and relevant to physicians.

When creating our PubExplainer videos, our clients use the latest scientific publications they have and turn them into video format. In this way, they give physicians exactly what they need – relevant, interesting content at the right moment.

Mind the time

Marketing to physicians is different than marketing to your average internet user. However, HCPs are only human, and they have the same behavior patterns in their use of digital media.

When they’re online, people, in general, have incredibly short attention spans. In fact, 20% of physicians will only be actively following your content for a mere 10 seconds before their attention drops off and they go elsewhere.

What does this mean for pharma marketers?

Two things.

First off, the content needs to be short and concise. Besides the ever-decreasing attention span, physicians are really busy. So much so that they don’t have time for all of their patients, let alone keep up with the latest medical publications.

This means that your videos need to be straight and to the point. Although you can convey a lot more in 20 minutes than you would in 2, there’s simply no need for it – as you won’t get the attention you’re looking for. In our research, we found that short medical explainer videos get the most attention and engagement from physicians.

Second, cut to the chase immediately. What’s the most important bit of data from your publication? Whatever it is, make sure to place it at the very beginning of the video. As you want to keep physicians engaged, they won’t be interested in hearing about a disease that’s been researched 50 times this year. Drop the new data on them in the first 20 seconds of the video – so that physicians have a good reason to stick around for the remainder of the video.

Use calls to action (CTAs)

Just getting a physician to watch your video is success in itself. However, it’s far from the end of the road. If they simply leave your video without taking action, it’s a missed opportunity that is extremely easy to take.

CTAs are one of the best digital marketing methods to get physicians one step closer to your brand. The action in question can be anything, requesting a reprint, subscribing to a newsletter – anything you can imagine.

Calls to action can be placed at any point in the video, while most pharma marketers prefer putting them at the very end. While this is a great tactic (physicians are finished with the content), at the same time, their attention is not at its highest.

You can try using CTAs near the beginning or the middle of the video, or just after the most crucial information. While this may somewhat interrupt the flow, it gets better engagement and results. Just make sure the CTA is related to the content before and after it and that it fits into the script naturally.

Video marketing tips – promote heavily

You’ve done the research, and created a great medical video, but now comes the hard part – getting some eyeballs on it. The truth is, no matter how great your video is, no one is going to land on it and watch it.

First, analyze your current situation – which is your best-performing channel? Is it your pharma company website, emails, portals, LinkedIn, or something completely different? Target those channels that get the highest engagement with physicians and promote your video there.

When it comes to your website, place the video on your homepage and relevant landing pages to get the most traction. As far as emails go, you can embed your video so that it is played directly within the email or that it leads physicians to your website.

As far as LinkedIn is concerned, you can share and embed the videos as you would usually do or do paid promotion to get the maximum exposure and reach.

Have the work done by a professional

There are pharma companies out there with spectacular digital marketing teams. Yours might be one of them as well. However, video is a fairly new medium for pharma and we’ve seen companies struggling with creating and marketing their videos properly.

Working with more than 50 pharma companies globally, we’ve realized that although these companies have high-performing, creative digital marketing teams, they don’t have the capacity to create pharma marketing videos.

From creating a script to animation and voice-over – these are tasks that can hardly be done by a marketing team, no matter the budget.

This is why at BlueNovius, we are dedicated to helping pharma companies tell their story through video. You are able to showcase your latest scientific publications in video form, instead of relying on old methods such as print advertising and promotion.

Do you want to be on the winning team as well? Contact us today and achieve admirable success using video as a marketing strategy.

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