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5 Best Uses for Video in Digital Pharma Marketing

When it comes to impact, video is the format with the highest performance in the years to come. In fact, one-third of all activity online is spent watching videos. This makes it an incredible format for advertising – which is why 87% of marketers use it in their marketing strategies. What’s more, 51% of marketers state that it’s the type of content with the highest ROI.

There is a new shift in recognizing the power of digital in pharma marketing. The market landscape is changing and pharma companies need to catch up with the times in order to maximize their reach and expand their business. Video is the perfect method – and here are some ways it can help you as well.

1. Getting in front of HCPs

You cannot solve age-old problems by replicating the same methods over and over again. Relying on sales reps to get your products in front of physicians is the old method of getting your brand out there. In an increasingly connected and digital world, just relying on sales reps is no longer efficient.

One of the huge advantages of video is the ability to present lots of data in very little time. Compared to text, video is much easier to consume. Using video, you can explain your latest publications, and advancements in research and point out the strengths of your medical solutions. It has never been easier to access HCPs.

2. Mobile video for Pharma Marketing

Doctors who work in a health system hardly have time to sit down and have a chat with a sales rep. When they do, it’s very brief as their time is precious. Of course, this means they don’t have time to read your scientific publication either. Doctors are not chained to a desk and instead have to move around, from surgeries to consultations, appointments, and other obligations. To stay connected on the go, they use smartphones and tablets.

Video is the preferred method for physicians to consume content, as they spend around 180 minutes every week watching materials related to their professions. Convenience is the name of the game here. Instead of scheduling a meeting with a sales rep, they can watch a video any time they want. Between consultations, meetings, during their lunch break, and even after work. What’s more, instead of going through a bulk of boring papers, they can watch a fun video with engaging graphics and video animation. Win-win.

3. Video in emails

Sales reps are here to stay for the coming period – that’s a fact. Video cannot replace your sales team, but it can vastly amplify the number of deals they close and improve engagement with physicians. Email is largely in text format, and physicians read walls of text every day. With video, you’ll be able to show HCPs the value of your products. They can see what kind of solution your products offer and increase engagement compared to boring old newsletters.

4. Empowering patients

The end goal of any good pharma marketing campaign should be the final destination – the patients. Even if you can reach out to a huge number of physicians and increase prescriptions, it’s no use if patients are not using the prescribed medication.

Video is the ideal channel for improving patient adherence. If you present them with clear information about their diagnosis and treatment in the video, patients are more likely to adhere to prescriptions. A service such as MedExplainer presents an easy way to explain complex medical terms and engage patients to comply with their treatments.

5. Explain your key scientific data in 90 seconds

If you think that your company can benefit from using video in its pharma marketing efforts – we’re here to help! At BlueNovius, we have extensive experience using video to help pharma brands reach more HCPs and more patients. Our PubExplainer solution presents the key scientific data from your publications in 90-second videos you can show to physicians. On the other hand, MedExplainer allows you to present crucial data regarding diagnosis, treatment, and medication to patients – to improve adherence and increase brand awareness.

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