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6 Tips for Using Video Marketing in Healthcare

In a recent study, 45% of physicians stated that they prefer videos to other mediums such as emails, websites, and face-to-face tablets.

It’s not surprising then that an increasing number of pharma brands are turning to video to reach physicians. Using video marketing in healthcare has many advantages. Better Google rankings, more website traffic, increased conversion and engagement rates, for instance. But if they want to stay on top, pharma marketers have to continuously think of new ways to improve and promote their video content.

If you are as excited about the power of video marketing as I am, you are probably looking for ways to make your healthcare marketing video even more effective. Well, look no further, cause here are 6 tips that are sure to take your pharma marketing videos to a whole new level.

Know your audience

Before you get into video making, make sure to spend some time getting to know your audience. Most marketers are taking to many HCPs who differ in positions, expertise, and location. So before you make your first video, you should make sure to know who you’re talking to. Make sure to get in a conversation with your existing clients and create a physician persona.

A physician persona is a fictional HCP that has the characteristics of your target audience. Make sure you get the demographical, professional, and personal characteristics of your HCPs. This buyer persona should show you the problems and pain points of your physicians.

When your physician persona is created, introduce it to your sales reps. That way you’ll prepare them for a conversation with a real person. Tell them all about physicians’ problems, their needs, and their objections. That should fully prepare them for a face-to-face conversation.

Start small and work your way up

The best way to add a video to your pharma marketing campaign is by making brief videos about your product. From there you can move on and make more comprehensive videos. Like a video about your pharma company. This type of video can be placed on your landing page as an effective way to introduce healthcare professionals to your brand.

Don’t be pushy

Use video to educate your viewers rather than trying to shove your product down their throats. Using a conversational tone and a storytelling method will make your video more appealing.

A conversational tone will make your message understandable, and storytelling is known to easily capture and keep the attention of the viewers. It will make your message more memorable and more effective in the long run.

Use video hosting services

Using YouTube or Vimeo to host your website can be quite appealing. Both platforms have billions of users and are completely free to use. But when it comes to video marketing in healthcare, it’s better to use specialized hosting platforms.

Using professional video hosting services like SproutVideo, Vizaar or Wistia will boost your SEO. And increase the traffic on your website. Also, these video hosting platforms will provide you with an array of video analytics. Analytics that will let you track the way people are engaging with your video. And capture potential leads.

Recycle and reuse

Sometimes the biggest problem with creating videos for pharma is finding the topics. But if you play your cards right, you’ll never be out of ideas. A good way to gather topics is to go through your existing content.

That way you’ll find out what sections of your website already have high traffic. See if you can make a video about a topic that already caused attention and stirred up a conversation. If the topic was popular in its original form it will achieve even bigger success once you turn it into a video.

It’s just like when somebody turns a book into a movie. Videos are more interactive and easier to watch. That is why they are likely to attract more visitors and increase engagement.

Embed video across multiple channels

Making a video is a painstaking process. That’s why once your video is completed, you should make sure to place it on as many platforms as you can. Embed your video to multiple parts of your website.

Embed it into a blog if you have one.  Did you know that emails that contain videos have 19% higher open rates? And 65% higher, and click-through rates? Well, they do! And that’s reason enough to add a video to a newsletter or a personalized email.  

Hope this post gave you a few ideas about how to integrate video into your marketing campaign. If you need some more info make sure to stay in touch by signing up for best practices from my extensive pharma marketing experience.