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Video marketing in pharma: 7 reasons why it’s a trend

Yes, video marketing in pharma is a growing trend in 2022. According to many field specialists, this year the popularity of video content will rise. But what will that mean for pharma marketing strategies? 

Pharma is facing a market affected by the pandemic. There are also a growing number of different drugs and medical products by several manufacturers. Hence, the main mission for pharma organizations is to find a distinctive factor. The digital transformation has provided them with a variety of opportunities for new notoriety and clients online. 

Continue to read to discover why video marketing is a growing trend in 2022. As we tell you more about the seven main reasons that make it an indispensable consideration. 

Read all about the 7 main reasons why video marketing in pharma is a trend in 2022

#1: People online love videos

Let’s face it: we couldn’t be living at a better time to communicate online. Let us tell you a little about the online audience: 

  • They have access to a variety of information, are often overwhelmed with the options of sources at the tip of their fingers;
  • These people live fast, impacting online information consumption habits. They pass from one source to the next, quickly.
  • Their attention span is short, on average 8 seconds. And we’re talking about a value shorter than that of a goldfish (9 seconds).

What do these details matter for the main topic in the discussion? Because people in these circumstances tend to read less and focus more on an instant source of information. They want to be able to absorb as much content as possible within a short period. Why would they read long articles when there’s a video that summarizes the main points of a topic? 

#2: “Digital patients” are real and they want new information

Next, we will tell you another trend that online audiences have developed even before the pandemic came into the picture. Have you ever heard of the terms “digital patients” or “online diagnoser”

We’re referring to people’s tendency of looking up answers online to health-related questions. From tips and hints on fitness and health to questions on depression and anxiety and even serious illnesses. Users nowadays tend to search for many themes online first before actually seeing a doctor.

Thanks to the pandemic this behaviour only increased. Which is a bigger reason for pharma companies to invest in video content to further educate patients on doubts they might have. All it takes is a well-structured and clear video on a chosen subject.

#3: It’s a chance to win over Medical Practitioners

For pharma companies, it’s important to draw healthcare professionals (HCP). After all, an HCP’s role is like that of a gatekeeper when it comes to the impact on the decisions of their patients. 

HCP has a very delicate and important role in healthcare. Every day they prescribe drugs, point patients to treatment methods, and incorporate certain products into their therapies. This results in a demanding job in which they are required to know about healthcare matters daily.

The best part? They are also a potential audience for video marketing in pharma. The question here is like the one we’ve put on one of our previous topics. Why would an HCP spend hours going through scientific studies, if they can consume it in a mere 90 seconds? All it takes is a video showing the advantages of a drug or therapy in a simple and engaging fashion. 

Thus, video marketing in pharma can help not only the patients but medical professionals as well. It creates a whole new space for cooperation and dialogue for both parties. Not to mention the fact that it highlights the strong points and value of new products and treatments.

#4: You can explore a variety of video formats to create a strong brand 

Video marketing is a golden opportunity to redefine the branding of your company. There are a lot of video formats online resonating with audiences. Not only that, they are adaptable to the case of pharma companies. 

From product videos to explainers. From image films to behind-the-scenes. The possibilities for pharma are endless. Using this in your digital marketing strategy you can present a side of your company that is not always visible from an outside perspective. 

With video marketing, you have a chance to present or even redefine your company’s personality. You can further create a more transparent and emotional relationship with potential clients

Here’s a relevant statistic by Wyzowl: 84% of people say that by watching online videos of brands, they bought a product or service of said brands. Any doubts about the power of video in building newfound trust?

#5: Pharma can use User-Generated Content to their advantage

In video marketing, there’s also the possibility of using User-Generated Content (UGC) to create a sense of trust toward a certain brand. Remember we are in an era in which people are more likely to rely on the testimonies of acquaintances or strangers.

It might seem like a paradox when it comes to pharma marketing, but it’s relevant to point out that patient testimonies, as well as real stories on the success of new treatments, are like a modern style of “word-of-mouth”.

#6: Video can be perfectly matched with emotion

We’ve all heard of the importance of storytelling in several marketing campaigns, be they conventional or digital. The beauty of video marketing lies in the fact that you can experiment with different formats, including one that seeks to speak to the emotions of an audience.

There have been several studies that show that video contents that show a message based on relatable topics such as happiness, friendship, and inspiration tend to receive 3 times more attention than those with a more rational message. No doubt that pharma companies have a lot to test within this field in 2022.

#7: The possibilities will only grow with elements such as 360° Video, Virtual, and Augmented Reality

2022 is the year in which many digital marketing experts pointed out as being the time video marketing will explode online. Did you know that there is growing speculation about elements such as 360º videos, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)?

It will be inevitable thanks to the ever-growing industry of smartphones and computer technologies exploring these technological options in development. Some pharma companies such as BAYER have already used AR to show the effects of some of their drugs on the human body.

These technologies are still taking some baby steps in the video marketing field, but without a doubt, they may soon turn into a huge possibility.