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How can PubExplainer support physicians across the product life-cycle? Every stage requires different information. And that is exactly where PubExplainer comes in.


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State of pharma marketing

Using this report you will discover the elements of the “new normal”. Discover interesting facts such as:

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State of Pharma Marketing

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State of pharma marketing


The future of CX in Europe


A new era for medical affairs

Learn what a PubExplainer can do for you

Engage with your stakeholders like never before. Discover the advantages of converting your scientific findings.


A new era for medical affairs

When the pandemic scenario hit, Medical Affairs (MA) changed how they engaged with stakeholders in the industry as a whole. Now, with the mass acceleration of remote and digital communications, companies have new opportunities with the rise of an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy.

Discover how the collection of the patients’ data is vital in decision-making processes. You can read all about:

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PubExplainer - A New Era for Medical Affairs

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