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5 Simple Ways to Make a Good Pharma Marketing Email Great

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Emails provide a nonintrusive, yet personalized way of reaching your physicians in an engaging manner and they also provide the opportunity for pharma marketers to nurture deeper one-to-one relationships with their audience. Truly, pharma marketing emails can be more effective than any other marketing tool out there, but only if you know how to compose […]

7 Email Opening Lines to Avoid When Emailing Physicians

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Email marketing is a field that is in constant change, and using the same methods that worked a few months or even weeks ago may no longer do the trick. Studies have shown that many pharma marketers are still using words and phrases that are certain to lower their opening rates without even realizing that […]

Why Email Addiction is Good News for Digital Pharma

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How many times have you checked your email today? I’m guessing quite a few. And you  are not the only one. Recent survey showed that around 75% of people check their email within every hour, while many of them keep their email active all the time. Since people already spend so much time on their email […]

5 Healthcare Marketing Emails for Success

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Every email marketing campaign starts the same – with a marketer wondering what type of marketing emails I should be sending. Should I send weekly newsletters to keep my audience up to date with my brand? Or just focus on one killer dedicated email that will push them right down the sales funnel? What about […]

Inviting HCPs to your Pharma Email Marketing Campaign: Best practices

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The first email that you send to your new customer pretty much sets the tone for the rest of your email marketing campaign. To put it in the words of the great Aristotle, well begun is half done. Onboarding emails are important because newly signed-up users carry that excitement of experiencing your product/service for the […]

How to Write Emails that HCPs Want to Read

How many times have you come across emails that make you feel like looking at the sun would have been a far better alternative? Seriously. We’re all super busy. And one way or the other, we all have those long, prosaic, and unstructured emails in our inboxes that don’t seem to be going anywhere. And […]

Email Marketing for Pharma Explained in 5 Simple Steps

Email marketing is the single most powerful and personalized messaging medium online. It’s the heart and soul of digital marketing. The reason why it’s so powerful is that it fosters business relationships. For example, you cannot ask for an appointment or send an informational message through social media. You need an email for that. Test […]

Email Pharma Marketing: 5 Steps for Optimizing Email Marketing Campaigns

“An email marketing campaign without an optimization strategy is like a misfired bullet. It can go anywhere.” Sometimes, when your business is doing really well, it’s really hard to understand the need for an optimization strategy. In fact, when I talk to pharma marketers about optimizing their email marketing campaign, they often defend it with […]

5 Email Marketing Tips to Save Hours of Time

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I get it – you have a super-busy schedule and you just don’t have enough time to get things done. Even as you’re reading this sentence, your mind is probably racing through a million other things that are still pending on your to-do list. I understand that. Of course, you would not want to give up […]

7 Reasons Why Your Pharma Brand Needs a Kickass Email Marketing Strategy

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Some things are best done the old-school way, and email marketing is one of them. I know you probably don’t agree with me. I often hear pharma marketers say things like, “Hey, I tried it, but email marketing didn’t work. I don’t think it’s for me.” “Who uses email now? Everyone’s on Twitter and Facebook.” […]