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5 Ways to Generate Leads with Medical Videos

Whether you in marketing for 15 years or 15 minutes, you must have learned by now that video marketing is one of the hottest trends to follow. Medical videos are a powerful way of promoting your pharma brand.

Researchers have shown that  87% of marketers use video in their marketing strategy. And 76 % of them reported an increase in their ROI related to video marketing. 

That’s quite a number

Yet many still wonder how can they generate leads and increase ROI with video. Let me answer that right away. The best way to generate leads with video content is by using a subscribe form that will gather the HCP’s contact data. Use the form to find their name, email address, or phone number. Then use the data to get in touch.

Subscribe forms are the most important part of every pharma marketing video. But they are often disregarded. In this blog, I’ll show you five different ways to add lead generation forms to your video and generate leads for your pharmaceutical brand.


In this method of lead generation, you should ask for the visitors’ email address before you give them even a glimpse at your content. This strategy is called pre-roll. It requires from potential viewers to fill out the subscribe form as soon as they press the play button. This strategy can be used only when you are offering a truly outstanding content that can’t be found anywhere else on the net.


Teaser is a brief video that serves to entice physicians and patients to view full content of the video. A teaser can be watched without restraints. But once it is over physician should bump into a form they have to fill out before they can see the full medical video.

Teasers are great to use if you have video content that can be explained in just a few seconds. Teasers are also perfect for videos of medical conferences or webinars. They can be used to introduce speakers, explain the topic and agenda. This should be enough to leave physicians wanting more. And that’s when you pop up a form asking them to give something in return before you let them see the rest of the content.


In the parallel method of lead generation, the subscription form stands next to the video throughout its unrolling. The form is located beside medical video till its end, encouraging the viewers to subscribe for a closely related content.  The advantage of this type is the fact that people will look at the form for a couple of minutes which will give them enough time to review your offer.

Post Roll

Post Roll is a common way of generating leads in video marketing. In this strategy, lead generation form stands at the end of the video. Physicians are allowed to watch a whole medical video before they are offered another value proposition at the end. It can be a video about a new medical product. Or a medical study that can help them make better decisions.

This is the perfect time to ask for HCPs contact info.

Because, after every medical video, the viewers are naturally wondering what to do next. And it’s up to you to tell them.


Redirect is another lead generation strategy that takes place after the video ends. But in this method, you are not using a subscription form but a link that redirects the viewer to a different page or a website. The advantage of this method is, that instead of focusing the viewer’s attention to one value proposition you can redirect them to an array of your products.

You can use the method to redirect people to your product page. There they can learn everything about your medical products and the benefits they have. Or an about us page where they can find out all they need to know about your company. But whichever page you redirect them to make sure that it has a contact form that needs to be filled.

It’s all about generating leads, after all.


Deciding on which type of lead generation strategy to use will depend on the purpose of your video. If your medical video content represents a value proposition for your physicians, make sure to put the email gateway at its very beginning. But if a video is there to draw the viewer’s attention to another offer, use post-roll, parallel or redirect. Place a lead gen form after the video to directed potential leads where you need them to go.

By adding a subscription form at the beginning, middle or the end of your video, you’ll see positive results instantly. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and tell me about the results right here.