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Becoming Patient-Centric with Patient Education Videos


Over the years, pharma has been excelling at being physician-centric, but not so much at being patient-centric. However, pharma and life science brands are starting to shift gears. These are making patients a pivotal target audience in their communication and marketing strategies.  Patient-centricity is a term that describes the way companies in the field think […]

5 Good Advantages of Showing Medical Videos to Patients


There are great advantages to showing animated content to potential customers/buyers. Under a healthcare context, medical videos can simplify a variety of complex information for patients. So, what are the main advantages of exhibiting explainer videos in medical practice? Let’s see the five main benefits you can provide to patients. Medical videos and their potential […]

HCP Engagement Now: What do Physicians Need From Pharma?

HCP Engagement now: What do physicians need from pharma?

A lot has changed in the past years in the relationship between healthcare professionals (HCP) and pharma companies. The digitalization of many processes, including the interactions between both parts, influences the way these relationships play out. HCP engagement nowadays is not what it used to be. But, are pharma companies managing to provide physicians with the […]

Top Channels for HCP Education

Top Channels for HCP Education

With the advent of the Internet, one’s information consumption habits have changed. Digital platforms have arisen as strong sources of education, especially for physicians. HCP education has changed a lot thanks to these new tendencies. Around 70% of EU’s HCP in 2021 were digital natives. In other words, they integrate technology into their work-life. It’s a […]

Customer Engagement in Pharma: How to Create a Strategy

Customer engagement in pharma: how to create a strategy

Since 2020, remote patient and physician engagement has been the new normal in pharma. Many patient visits have moved to the digital sphere. This has pushed the sector to consider a variety of strategies in that sense. How have customer engagement trends evolved since then? Let’s find out. When we’re talking about “customer engagement,” we’re […]

Discover how to manage the modern Pharma Patient Experience

Discover how to manage the modern Pharma Patient Experience

Until a few years ago, pharma companies and patients had a very straightforward interaction. People would often visit a pharmacy or a doctor’s office to pick up prescription medicine and go home afterwards. Nowadays the pharma patient experience is gaining a new shape. The Modern Pharma Patient Experience The customer-centric model that pharma is heading […]

Maximize HCP Engagement with LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a growing trend among pharma marketers. In fact, many think it’s a unique platform that facilitates the establishment of meaningful, as well as resourceful, connections with the target audience. In Europe alone, the platform already counts over 163 million users. At the same time, pharma companies’ HCP engagement is a growing concern. With […]

How can Pharma Sales Reps Engage with HCP Online?

How can pharma sales reps engage with HCP online?

Interactions before COVID-19 in healthcare were very distinct from what we see today. Nowadays, many HCPs prefer hybrid or virtual interactions with patients and other contacts. This means that pharma sales reps have a different role now than the one they used to. How can they get in touch with healthcare professionals in a growing […]

HCP Engagement: Growth of the Blended Approach

HCP Engagement: Growth of the Blended Approach

HCP’s engagement with pharma companies was once devoted to in-person interactions with sales reps. These were often quick meetings that put physicians in contact with a brand’s products. Yet, the digital era came, and all changed.  Information consumption and buying habits have changed since the advent of the World Wide Web. This allied to the […]

Pharma Marketing: Digital Channels & Tools To Consider

Pharma Marketing: Digital Channels & Tools To Consider

Pharma Marketing ought to respect regulations and rules imposed not only by the EU but also by its corresponding state members. After all, ethics guide the principles of drug advertising in Europe. Companies must provide truthful and transparent information to the consumer void of any misleading pretenses and promises of recovery. So, pharma marketers must consider […]