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2022 Email Marketing Trends


Looking to increase brand awareness and authority, improve customer engagement, lower customer acquisition cost, and benefit ROI?… Then you must know what’s buzzing for 2022. And that are the email marketing trends to look out for! 

What are every marketer’s main goals?

  • Brand/Product Awareness;
  • Product/Service Promotion; and
  • Customer Acquisition. 

So, the question is ‘What does the actual landscape look like now?’

Building an agile email marketing strategy today is about knowing your customer’s preferences. And having on top of your mind, physicians’ or patients’ stage in the healthcare journey. In sum, it’s about adding value at the right place and time! 

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

So what do you have to consider as ‘don’ts’ when creating your email marketing campaigns? 

Here are our Top 5:

1. Warm up the domain

First things first, do not go “spammy”. That’s a slippery slope to ruining your domain’s reputation. Instead, ensure you send your email campaign to a small fraction of your target audience. Then, gradually increase the emails’ size and frequency.

According to the survey done by Mailmodo in the “State Of Email – 2022 Report”, 16% of marketers don’t warm up their domains before sending campaign emails.

Tip: Try warming up the contacts 3/4 days before the start of the campaign. Send to a few of your contacts and gradually increase the number of emails sent daily.

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2. Segmentation is crucial

Don’t send the same campaign to everyone. Rather, segment your target audiences based on: 

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Location; and
  • Other relevant data (i.e. job title, interests,…)

Also, there must be full knowledge of the customer’s journey stages. As well as where each of those segments is along the funnel.

According to the Mailmodo survey, 71% of marketers send different email campaigns to loyal, average, and dormant customers.

Source: Mailmodo

Tip: Having the audience segmentation in place allows you to send tailored and personalized messages. Thus, reducing the number of dormant customers. And even to those, the message has to be different to have re-engagement.

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3. Look at what the rates tell you and apply A/B testing in your campaigns!

It’s a waste to keep sending emails to people that don’t open or engage with your emails. It also increases the risk of being marked as spam and damaging the reputation.

Clean your email list regularly and keep the customers that don’t engage with the campaign emails in a suppressed list.

Sending 2 versions of the same email allows you to know for sure what works and what doesn’t for the audience. It can be a simple change in the subject line. However, remember to test each element at a time to obtain a clear vision of what they prefer.

According to the Mailmodo survey, 50% of the marketers did random A/B testing based on open rates.

Source: Mailmodo

Tip: Apply A/B testing and know your open/engagement rates to cut off the non-engaging customers. No work is in vain. Targeting the ones that want to receive your communications. In that way, you’re avoiding being marked as spam, keeping your reputation intact.

4. More than personalization, humanization…

In this customer-centric era, even business audiences want it to speak to them in a deeper human level of interaction. Making a human-centric approach equally important.

The audience must relate otherwise they won’t engage. For that, you should touch on their pain points. But, most importantly, present solutions first to the step in which they are in their healthcare journey. This will keep your audience connected and engaged.

When writing emails, remember to make them conversational and personalized. And you can do this by having your customers’ names either in the subject line or in the email copy.

Tip: Small details are accountable when it comes to connecting with your audience and keeping it engaged. Personalize and give them a human touch, as more than brands, people connect to people.

5. Technically speaking, don’t forget…
  • Email accessibility: readable font & text size; avoid bright saturated colors have color contrast; leave white space between text, images, and CTA; add alt text to images.
  • Multi-device: check how it is responsive, as more and more customers use at least 3 devices. In 2021, there was an increase of 56.8% in mobile opens.

Did you know that 84% of people chose a product/brand after watching an explainer video (Wyzowl)? PubExplainer can help you increase your sales, start using it today!

Source: Mailmodo
  • Dark Mode: When it comes to the reading experience, customers have a preference for the dark mode option. It’s all in the details….
  • Don’t put it all in the image: If something doesn’t work and the image doesn’t load, you still have to get your message across. So, don’t rely on them and keep the image-text ratio at 60:40 or 80:20.

Video & Email – How Do They Correlate?

According to the Mailmodo survey, 33.3% of email marketers state that the emails sent are mostly informative copies to provide relevant information about the company/product to the consumers.

Valuable content means knowledge, one that the audience needs. More than relationships, email marketers become partners by adding value at the right time of the journey.

Source: Mailmodo

With video consumption sky rising, marketers can’t ignore the demand for explainer videos. These must consider video as a valuable add-on to any email marketing campaign. Emails with a video are proven to increase the open/engagement rates of any campaign!

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