How Physician Videos Influence Clinical Decisions

Physician videos

With pharma companies making a move towards digital, there’s one format that stands out for its ease of use and versatility – physician videos. Companies that want to educate physicians, empower patients a. Here’s a few ways that medical videos like PubExplainer can make a change and influence physician decisions. Physician videos have multiple uses […]

The 5 Most Common Mistakes that Pharmaceutical Marketing Companies Make

pharmaceutical marketing companies

In today’s fast-moving market, pharma companies are putting more trust in pharmaceutical marketing companies. With a slow but steady move to digital, it’s necessary to seek for a trusted partner on the path to influencing KOLs, physicians and patients. However, not all pharmaceutical marketing companies are the same. If you place your trust with the […]

Should Pharma Companies Invest in Digital Advertising?

Should Pharma Companies Invest in Digital Advertising

As more and more pharma companies go online and devote budgets to digital marketing, the question of digital advertising for pharma arises. What are the most ideal channels for advertising for pharma, and what tactics can pharma companies use? What is the return on investment and does it make sense financially? Here’s our findings. Pay-per-click […]

Tips for Successful Product Launch in Pharma

pharmaceutical marketing companies

Among the biggest expenses for pharma marketers worldwide, there’s one that really stands out – pharma product launches. When done right, a new product launch can ensure that your product is recognized by KOLs, physicians and patients and it achieves wild success from the start. Here are some tried and tested ways of improving your […]

Patient Journey and how to use it for Pharma Marketing

patient journey

Patient centricity is becoming one of the prevalent trends in pharma, and for a good reason. For true closed loop marketing, it’s necessary to provide solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including pharma brands, physicians and patients. One of the tools that put patients in the center of attention is a patient journey. So, what exactly […]

Patient Empowerment: the Keys to Success

patient empowerment

There are many challenges facing today’s healthcare, starting from lack of physicians, huge burdens in terms of paperwork, lack of funding, etc. However, if we tip the scales and inquire the patients on what they think the problem is, most will say that none of these issues are critical. For many patients, it is the […]

Essentials of a Digital Pharma Marketing Strategy

digital pharma marketing strategy

Even though many companies have made the move to digital forms of marketing, some still remain worried about making this major transition. While pharma companies are wary of making a larger entrance to digital, the demands are higher than ever. On the one hand, patients are more present than ever online and they are demanding […]

Secrets to Building Pharma Brand Loyalty

pharma brand loyalty

With competition among pharma brands being tougher than ever, the fight for physicians’ loyalty has become increasingly fierce. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, increasing retention rates with customers by just 5% reflects an organization’s profits by as much as 95%. In a competitive market, it is imperative for pharma companies to establish […]

This is why Physicians aren’t Prescribing your Brand

why arent physicians prescribing your brand

To an average patient, physicians’ choice of drugs they’re prescribing is simple. They consider the diagnosis and patient’s history and prescribe a drug – easy. However, physicians’ choices are much more complex than that. In reality, there are a range of factors influencing HCP decisions on which medication to prescribe at any given point in […]

How to Improve Adherence with Digital Engagement Tools

How to Improve Adherence with Digital Engagement Tools

Medication adherence is the elephant in the room for much of the life science world. When patients do not adhere to their prescriptions, the damage is pervasive and long-lasting. First, the patients’ health outcomes are poorer. Second, the physicians cannot do their jobs properly. Third, non-adherence costs pharma more than $100 billion annually. As pharma […]