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How to Use Visual Storytelling in Pharma

visual storytelling pharma

If you’ve been in pharma marketing as long as I have, you probably know this way better than I do. The competition is fierce and getting your message across to physicians and patients is harder than ever. In pharma marketing, your message is constantly put up against your competition. And it’s getting harder and harder […]

How to Win With Closed Loop Marketing in Pharma

closed loop marketing

What is the best way to reach HCPs? Digital channels or sales rep visits? These days chances are 50:50 with digital contact expecting to surpass face-to-face conversations in a near future. So it should come as no surprise that there is an intense interest from pharma marketers who are looking for different ways to exploit […]

How to Make a Pharma Marketing Plan in 5 Simple Steps

healthcare marketing

Just like every contractor needs an architectural blueprint, and just like every cook needs a recipe every pharma marketer needs a marketing plan. Good marketing plans are there to help pharma marketers anticipate, prepare a build a road map to success. A healthcare marketing plan is a carefully developed strategic document that should lead to […]

Why Pharma Brands Should Embrace the Digital Ecosystem

pharma digital marketing

We live in a digital world. People’s habits and types of communication change drastically in brief time periods, and physicians are not an exception. If pharma marketers want to make it in the digital world, they need to adopt new forms of interaction. Studies have shown that HCPs are increasingly turning to digital modes of […]

How Pharma Can Stay Ahead in a Digitally Reshaped World

healthcare companies

The healthcare industry is changing and it’s taking pharmaceutical marketing down the transformation path with it. Physicians are getting busier every day, and often they don’t have the time to meet with pharma sales reps. But it’s not all that bad! Studies have shown that doctors still want information about new drugs and medical devices. But […]

9 LinkedIn Tools Every Pharma Marketer Should be Using

linkedin for pharma marketers

If you’ve ever wondered which social network is best for getting leads for your healthcare marketing company I’m here to give you a quick and perhaps obvious reply. LinkedIn! Don’t be fooled by the popularity of the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LinkedIn is a network that has a much higher conversion rate […]

Why You Can’t Do Digital Pharma Marketing on Your Own

“You should only do the one thing you’re best at doing.” Digital Pharma Marketing is not something to do on your own. Humanity benefits enormously from people who just focus on doing the one thing they ought to be doing. I guess that’s the best way to progress in business or life– collectively or individually. […]

How Successful Pharma Brands Around the World are Adapting to the Digital Revolution

No one is an overnight success. It takes sheer determination mended with the right strategies to go past the steep learning curve. Successful “digital” pharma brands don’t just happen. Marketers in the industry have as their biggest concern increasing their reach and improving engagement initiatives. In this post, I will reveal four strategies that could […]

5 Questions for Every Pharma Marketer Going Digital

questions and insights

Pharma marketers worldwide are slowly making a shift toward digital marketing. However, not everyone is having an easy time with digitization. To make it easier for you, you should not ask what digital marketing can do for you. Instead, you should ask what you want digital marketing to do for your brand. In fact, figuring […]