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Why Pharma Needs to Become Customer-Centric Right Away

Why Pharma needs to become Customer-Centric right away

Top reasons for a customer-centric approach in pharma marketing

Covid-19 changed the world and the way people consume information and engage with products. A spotlight was shed over Healthcare, as it became the centre of attention and concern. 

Life-science data is more accessible. End-users have evolved into well-informed patients with something to say as opinions and decision-makers. This has left behind the model where Healthcare Professionals (HCP) were the first and last point of the communication chain. 

So, pharmaceutical companies need to redirect their focus from HCP to also end-users. And further, share information to become more influential among those who have a word to say. 

Nearly 85% of patients think that they can be responsible for their health while accessing the needed resources online. Thus, pharma has to adopt a customer-centric approach right away. And deliver digital information relevant to the patients and detailed data to HCP. 

To engage successfully, pharma marketing must delete the gap by adopting a B2C model in their communication strategy. Consequently becoming influencers through the right channel at the right time! Let’s explore this a bit more.

What changed?… Everything!

2 new realities have emerged with the pandemic:

  1. HCP engagement with both pharma companies and patients has gone widely remote and digital-based;
  2. Patients are more interested in becoming knowledgeable and have more information available for consumption.

1) HCP engagement

The face-to-face meetings and in-person engagement with HCP are now a thing of the past. As remote meetings and digital information take their place rushed by the needs of a pandemic era. However, that doesn’t mean less engagement, on the contrary!

The interactions got more focused and strategic, with materials that can be shared and consumed at the right time through the right channel. Bringing a whole new potential to pharma’s marketing strategy.

2) Well-informed patients

Pharma products’ end-users now have something to say when it comes to decision-making regarding their health. As well as on the information available online they consume. That nowadays works as a first resource, not the HCP. 

People got interested in knowing more, even before considering their physicians’ referrals or relying on the old word-of-mouth about the subject. 

An average of 3 online sources are used by consumers when looking for a provider, being search engines the most commonly used with 65%. When you think of it, it’s a whole new kind of trust-building and decision-making. 

Takeaway: Pharma companies need to improve their customer knowledge to go hand in hand with the transformation of the relationship between physicians and patients. The landscape has evolved into a more organized care pathway. Having a bigger emphasis on prevention and patient expertise on the subject. Here, targeted marketing should mean a multichannel approach that goes beyond the product/ brand domain. 

Know what your HCP and patients expect from you!

Within the new realities of both HCP and patients, pharma companies have everything to gain with a personalized and omnichannel approach. Enabling strategies for direct marketing to end-users and detailed to physicians. 

The main focus is an agile and reactive marketing strategy that takes into consideration the behavioral insights on both ends. This means refining their understanding of patients, the role of HCP, and the need for digital materials in the relationships between them.

Pharma has to offer content bearing in mind the engagement with end-users that are more aware and in search of a holistic health outcome. At the same time, pharma reps can only guarantee that HCP is on board with relevant, engaging, and valuable digital resources.

Did you know that, in 2022, 82% of all consumers’ internet traffic will come from online videos (SocialMediaWeek)? Don’t miss out on the stats and start using PubExplainer videos today!

Takeaway: Pharma’s marketing content has to empower while giving freedom of access and consumption to HCP and patients. Now, it’s easier than ever to be present in the customers’ journeys through the right channel at the right time. Because there has been a shift in the type of interactions that have gravitated towards digital alternatives, such as patient portals and virtual care. 

Why you can’t ignore video marketing!

When looking at the available digital resources, pharma companies cannot ignore the massive increase and demand for video by consumers. Furthermore, almost 100% of businesses believe that informational videos help increase understanding – and therefore influence choices – of new products.

Why Pharma needs to become Customer-Centric right away

One of the most consumed types of video is spot on with the needs of both HCP and patients: explainer videos. These are capable of providing needed information through a seamless experience to the viewer that is tailored to its needs. 

And most important of all, they can be shared through several channels and made available on and offline. It can be included in a landing page, a portal, or even sent by email. Allowing a deeper engagement by the viewer that can choose when and where to consume it.

Did you know that when looking for product information, 66% of consumers are more likely to watch a video than read a text (Wyzowl)? Get more views using PubExplainer videos!

Here are some numbers from Wyzowl that prove that video marketing can lower costs and be beneficial to pharma companies marketing strategies:

  • 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI (Return on Investment);
  • 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation;
  • 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website;
  • 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales;
  • 84% of people chose a product/service by watching a brand’s video.

And when checking the engagement of the viewer vs. the length of the video, the numbers show that the engagement is steady for up to 2 minutes. This means that a 90-second explainer will grab the viewer’s full attention, having the product on top of mind as wanted. 

Having video content sharing added to the email marketing strategy can get your product in front of the target audience at the right time of the customer journey and product life-cycle. 

Did you know that:

  • The word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates by 6%;
  • Video can increase open rates by 19% and click rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%;
  • Click-through rates on the initial email in a campaign can increase by 96% if it contains a video;

Takeaway: Using videos in pharma marketing is a must-do. And adding them to the email marketing campaigns will have an even greater impact on your lead generation, sales, and overall ROI. Plus, video email marketing allows pharma companies to give a tailored experience to their target audience at the right time. Nurturing prospects, leads, and customers with relevant information through the right channel.

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A customer-centric approach is the only way pharmaceutical companies can continue to thrive and be successful in the present landscape. HCP and patients’ needs and wishes must be considered when deciding the best marketing strategy.

The common ground is that they want a seamless experience when consuming information. In a format that can run throughout devices at the moment of their choice. 

As video consumption has made its way up in the preferences of consumers, pharma marketing teams have even more possibilities to engage. Further influencing the audience by using this digital resource and adding it to their email marketing.

The numbers prove that video email marketing benefits ROI without representing a high-cost option for businesses. And, most importantly, it’s delivered at the right time to generate leads and nurture customers with a bigger engagement and sales accomplishment.