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Generating B2B Qualified Leads in Pharma

Generating B2B Qualified Leads in Pharma

Generating B2B Qualified Leads in Pharma

How Content Marketing Helps Scoring More Customers

Nowadays, there are high-level growth objectives in play for pharma. Marketers and sales teams share common ground on the importance of qualified lead generation. 

It’s important to tell the difference between an MQL and a SQL. A marketing qualified lead (MQL) develops further into becoming a customer. A sales-qualified lead (SQL) has the interest in purchasing/prescribing the products underlined. So, with MQLs, relationships will develop based on trust-building. It’s accomplished through interactions at their journey major touchpoints.

The main goal is the generation of both MQLs and SQLs, as an immediate sale takes the lead moving forward in the sales cycle. Also, the communication flow with tailored content will turn the lead into a customer. It’s done through fit-to-size messages that allow great customer experiences.

Both worlds must merge, so the wheel can keep spinning! Sales teams don’t want one sale. The main goal for all is to generate qualified leads with the highest probability of converting into customers. These leads can bring more value to the business.

B2B Content: What to Deliver?

1) Virtual Engagement
  • The pandemic scenario put webinars in the lead. Overall, conferences needed adaptation to remote settings and interactions became virtual
  • The popularity is here to stay with healthcare professionals (HCP) hopping on board the trend train 
  • Webinars generate more qualified leads. They build credibility within the experts’ community and appeal to the most suited audiences
  • The contacts list from the webinar registrations can be further developed with a previous certainty of interest on the prospect side
  • Recording can be repurposed for promotion. In essence, using a multitude of channels and, if gated, it can generate more B2B qualified leads
2) Series Creation
  • Keeping the content up-to-date and launching the series according to the segments’ needs and stages of the journey is essential to building authority. It will also increase awareness and establish a company as a trusted go-to-source
  • By publishing a series of gated and ungated content that addresses pain points and presents solutions, pharma teams give a reason for their audience to come back again and again
  • It’s important to link relevant content while keeping it up-to-date and accurate. Audiences driven by their knowledge search will choose to engage with higher probabilities of converting into customers
  • Match the delivery with the stage of the journey where it’s most needed. It builds the audience’s confidence and familiarity. It also benefits the development of the relationships needed in B2B pharma marketing
3) Video Resources
  • Video content is the number one content consumed by B2B pharma audiences 
  • HCP seek to educate themselves and guide their patients. Nowadays, they have a preference for educational video content
  • Explainer videos increase understanding in an easy-to-digest, bite-sized format. This is also beneficial to deleting the gap created by the time constraints in the HCP schedules
  • Using video, pharma products can reach both prescribers and consumers. It’s possible understandably and transparently, and at the right time of the journey  

Did you know that to 51% of digital marketers, video content has the highest ROI of all marketing channels (Campaign Monitor)? Let us help you be one of them with PubExplainer.

  1. Gate valuable content: Regardless if it’s a webinar recording or a series of blog posts compiled into an e-book. Repurposing and gating relevant content allows for less creation and more lead generation.
  2. Add a chatbot feature to the website: Chatbots can help to make the visitors feel supported at any moment of their journey. Furthermore, they can assist in crucial moments of the decision-making process.
  3. Run Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: A B2B lead generation tactic is through professional social networks. Use them for advertising reach expansion within targeted communities. Additionally, don’t forget to make use of the analytics for optimization
  4. Work side-by-side with KOLs: Or, in this case, key opinion leaders. You can use them to match the audiences’ preferences of connecting with people, not businesses. This will help to increase the share of voice through word-of-mouth and influencers referral. 

Audiences Demand: Video Marketing in Pharma

Video content helps pharma companies turn complex medical data into time-saving, bite-sized, attractive animations. Explainer videos, for example, are easy to digest. Viewers can consume them at the moment and device of choice.

There’s been a boom in video watching crossing all ages. It includes demographic segments between 50 and 65 years old. Nowadays, medical animations suit both junior and senior targets in the pharma audiences.

Video content takes a deeper dive into what the search data shows. Moreover, many pharma teams can create videos that go hand-in-hand with the audiences’ needs and expectations. 

They provide solutions at the right time of the journey through the audience’s favourite channels. For HCP, for example, for industry-related interactions, email is still their favourite. Especially in a mobile-friendly format.

Top Statistics
  • 87% of marketers use video content
  • 51% of marketers worldwide state video as the content with the best ROI
  • The most popular video type created in 2021 was explainer videos – 72%
  • Video marketers grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users
  • Video added to the campaigns get 34% higher conversion rates
  • 84% of marketers state video helps generate leads
  • By 2024 it’s predicted the increase digital video ad expenditure by 41.9%
  • Video gets a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs
  • Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 80%
  • Mixing video with full-page ads increases engagement by 22%


Collaboration between marketing and sales teams is more important than ever. It will help to score qualified leads that benefit both ends goals. In turn, this sets the course for higher conversion and revenue growth.

Content is the key when it comes to the B2B pharma’s audience. It will dictate the lead generation suited to the product. This strategy has a future likelihood to convert a lead and make it become a high-value customer.

Pharma teams must combine efforts in delivering a seamless customer experience at the exact moment. The development of long-lasting relationships with the audience helps in establishing the company as a trusted go-to source. Especially when it comes to relevant medical resources.

Video content enables an omnichannel presence that is time-saving and mobile-friendly. It matches the audiences’ digital preferences and business interaction expectations.

Benefiting campaign performance results and rapid revenue growth while increasing B2B qualified lead generation, video content brings higher engagement and more conversions to your pharma company.