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Boosting Lead Generation in Healthcare Marketing

Boosting Lead Generation in Healthcare Marketing

Boosting Lead Generation in Healthcare Marketing

Optimizing the Strategy for Higher Conversion Rate

Times have changed with the digital disruption acceleration caused by the pandemic. It shaped new realities in the healthcare ecosystem and created new needs. There are higher expectations from a well-informed kind of patient. 

The options are vast within a competitive landscape. We saw the first step in the new type of healthcare consumerism migrating to the digital realm. It adds urgency to a new approach from providers based on higher knowledge of the customer, from a patient-centric mindset.

The part played by the online marketing methods in healthcare became vital. Not only in embracing remote care settings but also in integrating digital channels to match the disruption challenges and thrive.

Online research is a starting point. Healthcare professionals and providers must further optimize the digital interactions and online experiences provided to the audience. This will enable a continuous and positive flow of lead generation with a good conversion rate.

Healthcare Ecosystem: Turning Complex Data Into Seamless Experiences…

Content creation within a complex and regulated sector such as healthcare can be challenging. It’s crucial for differentiation purposes as well as expected by the patients for guidance purposes. It will impact them in their care journeys and decision-making process.

Healthcare providers must aim for excellence provided through meaningful interactions that add value and enhance support and care. This encourages prospects to become leads and leads to become customers. 

Adopting the remote settings as the new normal and embracing the digital interactions to go with the patient throughout the stages of the journey is an urgent must-do for medical professionals and healthcare providers. It requires a full comprehension of content’s importance for high-value lead generation.

A good healthcare marketing strategy must focus on high-quality digital educational content creation. It must also share benefits on both ends, provider and patient, having a direct impact in:

High-value lead generation in healthcare means resonating with the potential customers’ needs. It’s vital to address their practice needs while enabling educational resources to contemplate care solutions to guide and support their decision-making process.

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Healthcare Marketing: Going in the Right Direction…

So, what must be updated and improved in healthcare marketing efforts? Let’s explore the top elements providers have to consider integrating into the strategy as soon as possible.

  • Make use of local SEO.  This is to better understand what the competition is doing well, what the patients are looking for and what is ranking the most in search engine healthcare queries;
  • Bearing in mind that location and proximity are relevant for scoring purposes. Always have the contact information visible and up to date ensuring the business profile presence in local directories;
  • Add location-specific keywords and topics of interest to the created content. This is to rank higher in both proximity and relevance categories. Consider the social proof benefits of adding and replying to both positive and negative reviews;
  • Develop an omnichannel presence. You can use a variety of content formats that are multi-channel and multi-device. Some examples are infographics, explainer videos, surveys and social media posts;
  • Use the data retrieved from the customers and SEO tools to better understand the pain points. Using these, you can also provide answers to the questions in a proactive, easy-to-digest and timely manner. Always contemplate relevant keywords use for future digital interactions improvement;
  • Blog posts and explainer videos that provide more knowledge without being time-consuming or hard to understand. These contents help to achieve better ranking while catering to the audience preferences;
  • Through accurate, up-to-date content made available within a continuous flow of high-quality educational resources. It adds value to the patient’s healthcare options quest. Not only that but also increases the trust of the audience and the establishment of the provider as a go-to source.
Stand out of the crowd: Did you know that…
  • A website is crucial to the online presence and brand awareness. It tends to be the first digital channel that patients will engage with. Therefore, it must reflect the brand’s image, the business core mission and the value proposition they bring to the patient’s table;
  • Navigation must be easy. The more intuitive the better, combined with a corporate/professional look and copy. Yet, one must not forget the importance of the human touch. Always use the empathy and confidence generated in the patients through staff detailed information and social proof evidence;
  • Offering options such as online appointment scheduling, increases leads and conversion rate. It helps in keeping the customers on the page. It’s also an encouragement for them to come back again through positive and seamless user experiences.

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Video Solutions: Adding More Value to the Content Mix…

Nowadays it’s important to have the healthcare audience preferences and interaction expectations in mind for lead generation.  Video content is a powerful resource that must be considered as adding the most value to the strategy. 

Video watching increased over the past years, but a whole new consumption trend and audience reach emerged from the pandemic scenario, expanding the set of indirect promotion possibilities and share-of-voice reach.

One of the most consumed and demanded types of video content is explainer videos

Through these medical animations, care options, treatments and drugs can be acknowledged and understood with minimal time consumption by patients. All by having all relevant data included delivered in an attractive format that matches the audience’s wishes.

There’s another very important detail. Videos rank higher in search queries. Consumers are far more likely to watch a video than read a text when it comes to better understanding and learning more about products and services before deciding. Also note that 95% of the message contained in a video is retained, against only 10% when reading.

Providers can showcase the benefits of their services and influence the decision-making process. At the same time, they’re empowering the end-user with the wanted knowledge, needed support and expected guidance, growing in authority and credibility.  

The Conclusions

Content is the key when it comes to the healthcare audience. It determines the lead generation flow of the ones that are more likely to convert and turn into loyal customers.

Healthcare providers must create content that matches pain points and enables seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint of the journey.

High-value educational resources help to establish the organization as a trusted go-to source when it comes to relevant medical resources and care options knowledge. These are top priorities in the health decision process of every patient.

The internet is crowded. So SEO optimization is a must-do to rank better and increase visibility with further interaction improvement. It can be achieved using fitting content with the preferences, especially video content.

Video resources allow an easier and cost-effective omnichannel presence. It’s both time-saving and mobile-friendly, matching the audiences ‘digital preferences and interaction expectations.

As one of the most-watched and wanted video types, explainer videos have advantages for providers. For the most part, its differentiation from the competition, higher engagement, more lead generation and an increased conversion rate.