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How will the Internet of Things Influence Pharma?

How will the Internet of Things influence Pharma?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that encapsulates any device able to connect to a network and communicate with other devices. Through this connection, the gadgets send and receive data. IoT is, then, a trend on the rise that displays several benefits to the pharmaceutical industry

What’s the catch of the Internet of Things for pharmaceutical companies now?

Many experts are looking into new strategies to benefit the supply chain for pharma. The contrived period from the pandemic led to a new perspective on management. Not to mention the introduction of new demands from consumers. In that sense, it’s no wonder that IoT, along with AI and big data analytics are gaining notoriety. 

The main advantage of IoT technology has to do with the fact that the gadgets in this spectrum allow remote monitoring and access to machinery. Hence within a factory, there are many pros to this technology. 

The present benefits of the Internet of Things in pharma

Warehousing and supply management are two elements that benefit from IoT.  By using the correct combo of devices, anyone in a company can use it for asset tracking. This technology was seen in practice with the management of the COVID-19 vaccine’s supply chain in the past two years.

Another element of the IoT is the practical aspect of predictive maintenance strategies. It starts when a facility manager places IoT sensors on equipment or places a machine already pre-equipped with it. The sensors will proceed to track several elements of the machine’s performance in real-time.

With this, the need for maintenance checks is reduced. At the same time, it ensures that the factory equipment is monitored. Should there be a situation of machine failure, the tracking feature will provide useful insights into the circumstances and flaws that led to it. 

This technology will also allow real-time monitoring of facility processes. Many machines may be controlled remotely. This will reduce the need for workers to be always on-site. Not only can there be an analysis of workflows and production rates, but also monitoring of every process happening at that moment.

Clinical trials, for that matter, may also change due to the advantages of IoT. These procedures need complex designs, accurate data collection, and clinical staffing to check and track everything. Some of the benefits that may come to play bigger roles in the future are related to patient engagement and the bigger flexibility of some processes. The quality of the data is also one of the main elements that make IoT very useful in this regard.

In a way, IoT will influence the medicine created by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Ingestible sensors in tablets have already begun testing on patient monitoring. This will be able to send doctors information on treatment compliance regularly.

Could there be more to the possibilities of IoT in pharma?

The answer is: absolutely. In the case of pharmaceutical companies, many articles have pointed to the main advantages of their work procedures. Without a doubt, this tech advancement will impact many factors within the industry at this point.

Yet there’s one important detail one should always have in mind regarding the use of the IoT as a whole. This is the type of technology that works based on data that’s provided from a certain source. It goes to show that pharma will be more and more data-centric from here on. 

Regarding marketing in an era in which many communicational and promotional activities are moving to a digital field, the Internet of Things will also have a great impact here. For now, this is a topic that is unheard of. But the data factor will play a great part.

Predictions for the Internet of Things in Pharma

It’s predicted that within the next years, IoT will revolutionize digital marketing. Many customers, audiences, and regions will be tracked in greater detail. With these elements in mind, not only will customer behaviour be more accurate, but it will provide a quality segmentation for several opportunities.

When we talk about “IoT digital marketing”, we’re referring to a procedure that will influence the modus operandi of a company’s strategy. The data provided will showcase elements such as consumer behaviour. As well as a clearer picture of the customer’s journey into buying a product or service.

As we’ve mentioned before, big data will play a role in this spectrum. The smart devices we’re using now (smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart cars and smart appliances) will be data gatherers for various companies and marketers. Often real-time data may become common practice, making it easier to send notifications and user alerts to users.

The amount of data that IoT technology will manage to gather will create several profiles of a variety of consumers. Of course, this will continue to stir up ethical conversations about the uses of data and the protection of users from exploitation. 

Without a doubt, there are a lot of present and future catches for marketing using IoT. It will become a vital tool for quality marketing online. But its evolution and development will be observed with diligence and care from governments and other regulatory entities. This will be a tricky step for many companies.

Where will pharma stand in this regard?

In the case of pharma, there’s even a term of its own regarding the Internet of Things. We’re talking about IoMT (Internet of Medical Things). Today it refers to the tendency of wearable devices used to track any user’s health stats in real-time.

This will result in the collection of Big Data. Details of users will be available to many companies. Then, it will be up to them to interpret this information in a smart and profound approach. 

Through this evolving technology, pharma companies will know many trends, personality traits, and pain points of patients. In this sense, many of them will use the data collected to personalize their strategies to several consumers. Now imagine this, aligned with AI and automated procedures.

Without a doubt, pharma marketing will be no exception to the impact that IoT will have on their practices. The increasing data quality, along with the new technologies which will be more tested by big pharmaceutical companies will improve the experience of many patients.

The Internet of Things is one piece of a puzzle that will model digital marketing as we know it today, providing a personalized experience to consumers. Many patients may even see a great possibility of personalized content delivered to them, based on their profile as a user.

Contents for users will without a doubt be more personalized to user needs. Educational content, for example, will be particularly relevant regarding health topics.

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